10 characteristics of the ARGUMENTATIVE TEXT

12 months ago

A argumentative text is one that presents arguments or supports certain arguments by exposing ideas, foundations or reasoning in favor or against a topic. In this article we will see the characteristics of the argumentative text that differentiate it from the rest of the texts.

When someone tells you to give your argument, you think of two ways to make it "attack or defend an opinion", these two reasons would be the objective of an argument through affirmations and justifications with the goal of convincing. The normal thing is that they are not given in their pure state and, in most cases, it is accompanied by an exposition of the subject.

characteristics of the ARGUMENTATIVE TEXT

Characteristics of the argumentative text

  1. It usually has a previous planning or elaboration: Some people call it a draft, but others call it a sketch. Whatever your position, it is advisable to write a thesis of what you want to convey, defend or attack an opinion.
  2. It has a characteristic structure: The structure of the same must have 3 steps to formulate a well-planned thesis. A first paragraph to formulate the introduction and ideas. The second is the arguments supporting the ideas. And then you make the conclusion.
  3. It has defined parts: At this stage, you will have to present your thesis in the best way and for that you have to do it coherently in its parts. Introduction: something very small. Development: Here you must give your best projection, defend the idea or thesis to be presented as the most important part of the argumentative text. Conclusion. It is also short and makes the main ideas presented in the development very clear.
  4. It is based on facts and hypotheses: Propose ideas that you must refute, question or demonstrate using the argument presented in the thesis when studying the text.
  5. The sender demonstrates attitude: In the argumentative text it allows you to express all your opinions, you have to try to convince the reader of your position, although writing about several of them, you will have to take one in particular, and that is what the argumentative text will be about.

  6. It has a mechanism helogic or rules for correct thought, dialectic or rules for discussion and rhetoric or the art of persuasion
  7. It consists of three main types of arguments: Emotive-affective arguments: They are the ones who gain acceptance through feelings. Arguments by reasoning: They consider that the participants reason about their own similarities or characteristics. Argument from authority: Your source is the basis of your argument, using references from sources such as researchers, institutes, and witnesses.
  8. They can be used in all areas but more frequently in Scientific, Psychological, Theological, Philosophical, Linguistic and Legal texts
  9. It can also be given orally.: These arguments are not exclusive for text, since they can be presented through an oral presentation, speech or debates of opinions.
  10. It has formal aspects: To present the argumentative text, you must do it formally with a judicious voice and language. Synonyms are used to avoid repeating the words. Very little is the use of commas, depending on the text it is recommended to only use full stops or full stops. Finally, use the connectors to give coherence to the text.

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