10 characteristics of Danza Xaxado

The Xaxado dance is a traditional form of dance and music originating from the northeastern region of Brazil. This dance is popular in the state of Pernambuco, especially in the city of Serra Talhada. The Xaxado is considered one of the most important cultural symbols of the region, and is highly appreciated both for its dance style and its traditional music.

Characteristics of Xaxado

  1. Origin: The Xaxado originated in the 19th century as a war dance between bandits and cangaceiros, bandits who lived in the northeast of Brazil.
  2. Movements: The Xaxado dance is characterized by fast and energetic movements, including turns, jumps and kicks.
  3. Clothing: Xaxado dancers wear typical costumes of the region, which include leather hats, skirts and scarves. Men wear baggy pants and long-sleeved shirts.
  4. Music: The traditional music of Xaxado is composed mainly of string instruments, such as the viola caipira and the pandeiro, a type of Brazilian tambourine. Percussion instruments are also used, such as the triangle and the zabumba.
  5. Rhythm: The Xaxado is danced to the rhythm of a 2/4 or 4/4 time signature, which gives it a rhythmic and lively sound.

  6. Literature: The Xaxado dance is based on the work "Os Sertões" by the Brazilian author Euclides da Cunha, which tells the life of the cangaceiros and their struggle in the desert landscape of northeastern Brazil.
  7. Cultural expression: The Xaxado is considered a very important cultural expression for the northeastern region of Brazil, since it represents the history and identity of its people.
  8. Performances: Xaxado performs at festivals and traditional events, as well as in theaters and cultural centers. It can also be found in some dance schools and folk groups.
  9. Popularity: Over the years, Xaxado has gained popularity in Brazil and other countries. It has been recognized as intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO.
  10. Legacy: Xaxado has left an important legacy in Brazilian culture, influencing other forms of dance and music in the region.

Comparison chart

CharacteristicXaxado DanceAnother traditional Brazilian dance
Origin19th century, war dance of the cangaceirosVaries depending on the specific traditional dance
MovementsFast and energetic, turns, jumps and kicksThey vary depending on the specific traditional dance
OutfitLeather hats, skirts, scarves, baggy pants, and long-sleeved shirtsVaries depending on the specific traditional dance
MusicString and percussion instrumentsThey vary depending on the specific traditional dance
Rhythm2/4 or 4/4 time signatureVaries depending on the specific traditional dance

The Xaxado is a dance full of history and tradition. Its origin in the resistance of the cangaceiros and its contribution to Brazilian culture make it a cultural treasure that must be appreciated and preserved. Additionally, its energy and infectious rhythm make it an exciting dance to both dance and witness. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the Xaxado dance in all its glory!

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