10 characteristics of the Yamaha Nmax 125 motorcycle

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The Yamaha Nmax 125 is a motorcycle that stands out for its elegant design and its high performance. Designed to be an excellent option for urban mobility, it has a 125 cc engine that offers a power of 11.1 horsepower and a torque of 11.7 Nm, which makes it very agile in urban traffic and easy to handle. of driving.

In addition, this motorcycle has an ABS braking system, which increases the safety of the person who drives it in sudden or emergency braking situations. The suspension is another of its strong points, since it has a preload adjustment system on the rear suspension, which increases comfort and control of the bike.

In short, the Yamaha Nmax 125 is a motorcycle model that perfectly adapts to the demands of today's urban mobility. Its modern design, combined with its performance and the advanced safety features it offers, make it an ideal motorcycle for those who need to move around the city efficiently and comfortably.

List of the 10 most important characteristics of the Yamaha Nmax 125 motorcycle

  1. 125cc engine: The Yamaha Nmax 125 has a 4-stroke engine and liquid cooling, capable of generating up to 12 horsepower.
  2. ABS brake system: This motorcycle has a braking system with ABS as standard, which offers greater safety when braking and reduces the risk of wheel lockup.
  3. Modern design: The Yamaha Nmax 125 presents a modern and avant-garde design, with aerodynamic lines and an aggressive style that make it stand out on the road.
  4. Rear cushioning: The rear suspension of the Nmax 125 is adjustable and has a linkage system, which allows greater driving comfort and better stability in curves and potholes.
  5. LCD screen: The instrument panel of the Nmax 125 includes an LCD screen that shows relevant information such as speed, fuel level and engine temperature.

  6. LED lighting: The front and rear lights of the Nmax 125 are made of LED technology, which guarantees better visibility and lower energy consumption.
  7. comfortable seat: The seat of the Nmax 125 is wide and ergonomic, offering a good driving position and greater comfort on long journeys.
  8. Under seat storage: This bike has a large storage space under the seat, big enough to store a full face helmet.
  9. Easy maneuverability: The Nmax 125 is an agile and light motorcycle, which allows it to be easily maneuvered in the city and in tight spaces.
  10. Economic: Thanks to its low consumption engine and its aerodynamic design, the Yamaha Nmax 125 is a very efficient and economical motorcycle in terms of fuel consumption.

Final comments about the Yamaha Nmax 125 motorcycle

In conclusion, the Yamaha Nmax 125 motorcycle is an excellent option for those drivers looking for an agile and versatile vehicle in the city. Its modern and elegant design, its ample storage space, its large fuel capacity and its ABS braking system make this motorcycle a very complete and reliable option.

Plus, its liquid-cooled 125cc four-stroke engine provides good power for its size, making for a more comfortable and safer ride. Overall, the Yamaha Nmax 125 is an excellent choice for riders who are looking for a city vehicle that is easy to ride, enjoyable to drive and provides good value for money.

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