10 features of Windows 8

Windows 8 was released in October 2012, and it was a huge step forward in the evolution of Microsoft's operating systems. This version of Windows featured a completely new interface, designed to work on both touch devices and traditional desktop computers. The new user interface, known as the "home screen", was based on live tiles or boxes that displayed up-to-date information from applications and online services.

For many users, the new Windows 8 interface came as a big surprise, and some even found it confusing and incomplete. The fact that the start screen replaced the classic Windows start menu was a major change that was a learning curve for most people. Other exciting aspects of Windows 8 include security improvements, full integration with the Microsoft cloud, and significantly improved performance, thanks to a more efficient operating system kernel.

Although it received mixed reviews, Windows 8 opened up new possibilities for using technology and paved the way for Windows 10, its successor. Many of the innovative and advanced aspects of Windows 8 have been incorporated and enhanced in Windows 10, leading to a more intuitive and customizable user experience. In short, Windows 8 was an exciting and advanced platform that revolutionized the way we interact with our digital devices on a daily basis.

List of the 10 most important features of Windows 8

  1. Modern Interface: Windows 8 features a new user interface called "Modern UI" that offers a fresh and elegant experience.
  2. Starting screen: Instead of a Start menu, Windows 8 features a Start screen with app icons and widgets that display information in real time.
  3. Touch gestures: Windows 8 supports touch gestures, allowing users to interact with their PC in a more natural and intuitive way.
  4. Full screen apps: Applications in Windows 8 run in full screen, allowing you to make the most of your screen real estate.
  5. Windows Store: Windows 8 includes the Windows Store, an online store where you can download apps for the platform.

  6. Increased starting speed: Windows 8 starts faster than its previous versions, thanks to the optimization of the operating system.
  7. Classic desk: Although the new interface is designed to be used with touch screens, Windows 8 is still compatible with the classic desktop.
  8. Search improvements: Search in Windows 8 has been improved, making it easier and faster to find files and apps.
  9. Improved performance: Windows 8 is faster and more efficient than its previous versions, allowing for much better performance overall.
  10. Security improvements: Windows 8 includes a number of security enhancements that make it more resistant to hackers and safer to use online.

Final comments about Windows 8

In conclusion, Windows 8 has been one of the most innovative versions of this market leading operating system. Its touch and live interface, the integration of the cloud and the use of universal applications are some of the most important aspects that have given greater comfort and productivity to its users. However, its entry into the market was not easy, as many users found it difficult to adapt to its new design and lack of familiarity. Despite this, with time and updates, Windows 8 has managed to earn a place among the most used operating systems on the market.

In addition, since its launch in 2012, Microsoft has made significant efforts to improve and update Windows 8, which has evolved into Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Update, and finally Windows 10. The latter, a more robust and cohesive version that focuses on the user experience, which means Windows 8 users should consider upgrading to Windows 10 to continue enjoying these advanced benefits of the operating system. In short, Windows 8 has transformed the way people interact with their computers and has set the standard for the integration of mobile platforms and devices. Despite its ups and downs, the operating system has proven to be one of the most important in Microsoft's history.

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