10 characteristics of a Missionary

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A Christian missionary is the one who exercises the function of taking the gospel of Jesus in words and actions to all believers and to those who have the genuine desire to initiate themselves into the faith. Christian missionaries fulfill the mission that all Christians know of bringing the faith and serving Christians and non-Christians through the faith of Christ. Missionaries usually leave their country and their place to go to remote latitudes where the gospel of Jesus has not been spread or needs to reach more people.

They can be all kinds of places, but in many cases they are not easy environments and they are found in territories where the preaching of the Christian faith is usually not easily received and accepted. However, this situation is found in the most ancient history of the Christian faith and continues the example of the apostles and the first men who followed Jesus Christ.

Main characteristics of a Christian missionary

  1. They have a heart that loves God: Following the example set by the Apostles and first missionaries of the early Christian church, every missionary for Jesus Christ must have a heart that loves God. Having present in your heart, after having received it, the Holy Spirit as Jesus promised in the passage John 14: 15-21.
  2. They have a heart that loves their neighbor: Every missionary of Jesus Christ must be able to experience in his heart the sufferings and needs of his fellow men, no matter who it is. Only through this perception and sensitivity will he be able to move in the world with mercy, feeling compassion for his neighbor, following the example of Jesus, as it is said in Matthew 9:36.
  3. Your heart should love to do God's work for the world: According to the teachings of Jesus Christ, missionaries, in their work, must be able to see the work of God as the great harvest. And as such, keep in mind the need for a large number of servants and workers in the service of God to dedicate their energy and their lives to this end, serving as multipliers of the example and role of the first followers and apostles of Christ. In addition to everything, you must pray for it every day as it is said in Matthew 9: 37-38.
  4. You must have a heart with an intercessory spirit: A heart of intercessory spirit is that of a person who sows and promotes the work of God on earth and is never indifferent to it. Intervening in prayer with God for the needs and suffering of his flock. Since, if the Lord is the good shepherd and he loves his flock, the missionary must follow his example in work and spirit, loving everything that God loves and each one of his sheep.
  5. Dissemination of his works: so that more people join your purpose

  6. They must be humble-hearted people: If your heart is ambitious then being a missionary is not your vocation, a missionary helps without expecting to receive anything in return other than the love of the people he helps.
  7. They should seek to always facilitate: They should never complicate a situation
  8. He is internalized with social problems: He knows the different realities and internalizes with them.
  9. He prefers the little ones and the poor when it comes to helping: These people will always be at the top of your lists.
  10. Be sure that God chose them: A missionary is chosen by God to help, one must be convinced and sure of this in order to carry out missions as a vocation.

The missionary intercessor promotes prayer and asks in prayer with God that he bring more servants to his side, to carry out God's work on earth. In prayer with God, he asks to obtain all the necessary resources to carry out this work effectively and advance to the ends commanded by him.

Pray to God to open the doors and point out opportunities to serve your fellow men and consecrate God's work on earth. In order that the need of his brothers be supplied, he intercedes before God. His heart is naturally moved by mercy and he feels the need to pray so that the situations and sufferings that all humanity is experiencing are resolved by God.

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