10 characteristics of "Vanadium"

Vanadium is a chemical element that belongs to group 5 of the periodic table and has the symbol V. It was first discovered in 1801 by Andrés Manuel del Río. Although it was initially dismissed as a new chromium, in 1831, Swedish chemist Nils Gabriel Sefström demonstrated that it was, in fact, a unique element. It was named after the Scandinavian god Vanadis, known as Freyja in Norse mythology, in honor of the beauty of the element and its wide range of applications.

Main characteristics of vanadium

  1. Physical state: Vanadium is a transition metal that is in a solid state at room temperature.
  2. Color and shine: Its color is silvery white and its metallic shine gives it an attractive appearance.
  3. Ductility: It is a very ductile metal, meaning it can be stretched and made into fine wires without breaking.
  4. Density: It has a density of 6.11 grams per cubic centimeter, which makes it a heavy metal.
  5. Melting Point: Vanadium has a high melting point of 1910 degrees Celsius (3470 degrees Fahrenheit).

  6. Corrosion Resistance: It is highly resistant to corrosion, making it an ideal material for use in applications involving corrosive chemicals.
  7. Conductivity: It is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat.
  8. Magnetic Properties: Vanadium is paramagnetic at room temperature, meaning it is slightly attracted to a magnetic field.
  9. Abundance: Although vanadium is relatively scarce in the Earth's crust, it is found in several minerals such as vanadinite and patronite.
  10. Diverse applications: Vanadium has a wide range of applications in industry, including steel manufacturing, superalloys, rechargeable batteries and chemical catalysts.

Comparative table of vanadium isotopes

IsotopeCompositionAtomic massHalf life
Vanadium-55Synthetic54,93899.74 days

The table above shows the most common isotopes of vanadium. Three of them (Vanadium-50, Vanadium-51 and Vanadium-52) are naturally stable, while Vanadium-55 is synthetic and has a half-life of approximately 99.74 days.


In summary, vanadium is a versatile chemical element with a wide range of interesting characteristics. From its physical and chemical properties to its various industrial applications, vanadium plays a significant role in our society. Whether manufacturing strong steel or producing high-performance rechargeable batteries, this element continues to amaze scientists and industry with its potential and versatility.

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