10 features of LINUX mint

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In the world of computing it is common to find debates related to web development issues. To discover which are the best programs, and Linux is one of the ones that has generated the most debates.

Since its inception, Linux mint has been one of the most recommended distributions. Especially for those looking for a complete and ready-to-use distribution. That is why, here we will tell you what are the main features of Linux mint.

Linux mint has always been a very open distribution in terms of customization. It seeks to provide the user with a friendly system, it has a number of software already installed that allows its fast performance. In addition, it has many tools to help in various situations.

Linux mint features

It is important to note that the goal of Linux mint is to provide a modern, elegant, and easy-to-use system. But without sacrificing the customization capacity, that is why its main features are:

  1. It has a variety of pre-installed tools to meet the basic needs of the user.
  2. Also, it has several applications of the distribution to give a simpler and more powerful experience.
  3. Because Linux mint is based on Ubuntu, it also uses the package manager.
  4. It is quite stable, new versions are not seen every so often. Also, as it is also based on ubuntu, and ubuntu itself is very stable. So that stable Ubuntu base joins Linux mint's own stability.
  5. Another of its characteristics is that it is developed and created under security standards, which makes it relatively easy to eliminate viruses or malware that could affect the system. This is possible, since in order for us to make modifications to the operating system, administrator permissions or root user permissions are needed. But with Linux mint and the wide variety of privileges when it comes to reading and writing to system files, it is easy to prevent future attacks.

  6. The most noteworthy thing is the possibility of creating snapshots to recover our system in previous points in case something is damaged.
  7. One of the outstanding features of Linux mint is the optimization of system resources. And it is because Linux supports obsolete hardware, allowing it to work on new machines, and old machines alike. In other words, it is not necessary to have a state-of-the-art computer to be able to run Linux mint.
  8. Its minimum requirements to work are 2 Gigabyte of RAM and 20 Gigabyte of storage space. Although, the recommended for a better experience would be 4 Gigabyte of RAM and 100 Gigabyte for storage.
  9. It is quite accessible since it is available in Cinnamon, MATE and XPS in any of its editions.
  10. Also, it has a Debian-based edition with the aim of providing the same as the Ubuntu-based version. And thus continue to provide a similar alternative to users, in case Ubuntu disappears in some distant future.

What is Linux mint?

Linux was the union of two projects, Richard Stallman's GNU and Linus Torvalds' Linux project. It is worth mentioning that Richard was the creator of the free software movement. Well, what I was looking for was a free operating system but based on unix.

However, Richard was missing the kernel, which is the kernel of the operating system that is attached to the hardware. Linus creates that missing kernel and these two projects come together, creating the first unix-based operating system.

But, since Linux is a free operating system and at the same time it is open source, different versions of that operating system can be created. That is, you can use this package and add new things to create different distributions.

For example, Debian is one of the most reliable Linux distributions. In fact, most distributions are derived from it. Another distribution is linux mint, this one is based on ubuntu, which in turn is based on debian.

Linux mint seeks to go to levels for beginners, although ubuntu was for a mass audience, it still had considerable complexity, in addition to requiring the installation of additional programs. With linux mint the general public can get closer to an intuitive experience, very similar to Windows.

Like Windows, it has all the drives needed for installation. Also, its interface is very similar to Windows with its start menu and desktop display.


The progress that linux mint has made over the years is remarkable, not only does it have its own desktop environment as in its early days, but it offers the best performance to date. That is, it is better optimized and with the particularity that it is really easy to use and customize for any user. Although, many of its consumers warn that aesthetics is lagging a bit behind.

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