10 characteristics of a GOOD SELLER

Forget it, the perfect salesperson doesn't exist, it's just a professional myth. But rest assured, many sales reps come close to perfection based on their personality, their demeanor, and the results they achieve. Here are the qualities that the ideal salesperson should have and look for when searching for the perfect salesperson for your organization.

"You could sell ice to an Eskimo," but what if your sales strategy doesn't include ice or an Eskimo? You need to surround yourself with the best salespeople for your organization. The members of your sales force should reflect the profile of your company, since they are, after all, direct representatives of your organization. Fortunately, some qualities are universal in the sales world, making the recruiting process much simpler, and here they are.

caracteristicas buen vendedor

Characteristics of a good salesperson

  1. Ability to adapt: Sales reps need to be able to adapt based on different selling circumstances and different types of customers. Business dinners, happy hours or early breakfasts: good salespeople must demonstrate their flexibility and must be able to adapt their hours to the clients themselves when necessary.
  2. Honesty and ethical conduct at all levels. A good seller must be honest. As obvious as it may seem, it is one of the fundamental qualities of a good sales representative. Vendors must be completely honest, and their ethical conduct must be above reproach in their dealings with their customers, which in turn will promote customer loyalty and satisfaction. Sales reps also need to be honest with their organization, their employer. For example, you need to have complete confidence in your reps who are working from home, on the road, or on business trips out of town when they write their hours. In this regard, there are many systems or software that can help you verify the facts, but a relationship of trust is still the key to success.
  3. The technique: Good salespeople have good sales knowledge. They must master the art of negotiation. Plus, whether it's applied to meeting preparation techniques, interview follow-up, or customer management software, reps need to know the fundamentals of the job. Looking at your key performance indicators (KPIs) will give you the opportunity to continuously improve what you do, which will produce better results for your organization.
  4. Curiosity: They must know your product and your customers. Make sure your salespeople are curious by nature because that trait will be beneficial to you. They have to know their products inside and out, they have to be constantly aware of new developments, changes in the industry and in the sector of activity, and they always have to be aware of what their competitors offer.
  5. The verbal and the non-verbal: Sales representatives must also have excellent communication skills. They must be able to listen to customers because customers provide valuable and useful information for your sales strategy, but only if they have the opportunity to speak and be heard. Salespeople must also learn to read customers' body language, as it can reveal a lot of information as well. The same goes for the sellers themselves. Sales reps need to be aware of the importance of their body language, while also taking care of how they present themselves.

  6. Perseverance and adaptability: Quick sales, building long-term relationships, sales consulting. The type of sales your business offers depends on your product line. It doesn't matter how quickly or how skillfully it takes to close a sale, what matters most is the perseverance of your reps.
  7. Perseverance and tenacious optimism: At the end of the day, perseverance always provides a return on investment. That's why it's important to make sure your staff is made up of salespeople who will work harder in the toughest of times, will make the necessary efforts to deal with hectic situations, and who will always aim for success with optimism.
  8. An ideology like that of your organization: Among the qualities of a good salesperson, you should look for a salesperson who also reflects your organization's ideology and values. For one thing, some of the first interactions customers will have with your organization are with your vendors. Therefore, you need to ensure that they will adequately convey the values ​​of your company. On the other hand, representatives, like any other employee, must know and put into practice the company's values, which in turn will contribute to a pleasant work environment and a successful business, all while adding to their own sense of self-esteem. belonging .
  9. Language: In this regard, a good salesperson must communicate using the correct and appropriate vocabulary adapted to their products, ideally in only one language at a time to avoid Gallicisms and cumbersome translations. Therefore, he/she will speak more eloquently (here, we can forget about foul language and cursing!). In the same way, a good salesperson should be able to easily communicate with their clientele in their language, be it French, English, Spanish, Mandarin or German. Identify which languages ​​you need to work on and steer your recruiting or employee training in that direction.
  10. challenges: Good salespeople must like challenges. This is how they will improve themselves and stay optimistic in the face of more difficult and challenging situations. It goes without saying that they must have a high resistance to stress!

Sellers must also be considerate of customers and must tailor their strategy to the customer's profile and behavior. Sometimes adopting a more informal tone and sometimes a more refined one, a sales representative must ensure that customers feel comfortable and must provide them with an environment that encourages them to close a sale.

Most importantly, the perfect salesperson is one who will, first and foremost, establish a reciprocal relationship with your organization based on trust, respect, perseverance, and achieving results. Great vendors are led by great managers. Do you have the right staff in place?

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