10 PERSONALITY characteristics

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The Personality is unique to each individual, and knowing what makes us "us" can lead to greater satisfaction in life., better life options and overall success, both personally and professionally.

Meanwhile he character and personality are used to describe someone's behaviors, the two examine very different aspects of that individual. This is because the personality is more visible and easier to detect, while the character is revealed over time, with different situations.

So even though personality is easier to detect, is greatly influenced by heredity, and is generally immutable. Character, on the other hand, takes longer to discern, but is easier to change. This is because character is shaped by one's beliefs, and with enough effort and motivation, through a change in perspective, one's world view can be altered.

personality characteristics

personality characteristics

  1. Opening: This describes an individual's love of novelty experiences. Those with higher levels tend to be more creative. Lower level people tend to be more conservative and prefer routines.
  2. Extroversion: It determines how cheerful and communicative a person can be. Individuals with high levels of extraversion are more open, communicative, and desire external stimuli. Higher arousal generally occurs as a result of increased cortical arousal and can be measured through: skin conductance, brain waves, or sweating.
  3. Kindness: This trait describes how someone interacts with those around them.
  4. Neuroticism: Emotional stability can reveal a lot about someone's likelihood of developing moodiness and anxiety.
  5. psychoticism: This trait is associated with psychotic episodes (such as breakdowns) as well as aggression. It leads to hostile, reckless, inconsiderate, non-compliant, rude and impulsive behaviour. This trait is associated with psychotic episodes (such as breakdowns) as well as aggression. It leads to hostile, reckless, inconsiderate, non-compliant, rude and impulsive behaviour. Higher testosterone levels are associated with higher scores in this area.

  6. Tenacity: not giving up when things get tough or when problems arise.
  7. Trust: belief in personal ability to find solutions to challenges.
  8. Optimism: the perception that the odds are in one's favor.
  9. Adaptability:openness to new inputs and ideas
  10. Awareness: It helps to show someone's tendency to be more organized. Those with high levels of conscientiousness are seen as self-motivated, disciplined, and dependable. Lower levels indicate that someone is less responsible and more likely to be distracted.

The malleability of character It is very useful and important for human evolution. People learn to adapt to new environments and change with the times. For example, a person who might have a shy personality can learn to change their attitude toward public speaking by taking on the role of a teacher. New social and external demands lead to internal change.

Shows that, if an individual finds the change significant enough, their beliefs will transform to accommodate the transition. In this way, even if the innate trait is too timid for the public, the beliefs and values ​​that shape our behavior can evolve to reflect the values ​​of our immediate groups and communities. Such awareness and adaptability help to survive.

The conclusion is that, Despite our innate personality traits, we can always transcend them, depending on personal or cultural needs. Here's a video by Brian Little introducing this phenomenon and exploring how our character is modified by the core projects we embark on.

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