10 characteristics of discontinuous fixed contracts

Discontinuous permanent contracts are a type of labor contract that is used in those jobs that require seasonal or intermittent activity. In this type of contract, the worker is guaranteed job stability, since even if he does not work throughout the year, he keeps his job in the company and is called to work according to the needs of the business.

This type of contract is quite common in the tourism and agricultural sectors, where work activity is seasonal. In this way, recurring temporary hiring is avoided and the job stability of workers is favored. In addition, employees in this type of contract can also enjoy the same rights and benefits as workers with an indefinite contract.

In conclusion, permanent discontinuous contracts are an employment contract option that benefits both the company and the worker. In a world where job insecurity is increasingly common, these contracts favor the job and economic stability of workers, while ensuring business continuity.

List of the 10 most important characteristics of discontinuous fixed contracts

  1. Discontinuous fixed contract: It is a type of labor contract that is used in situations in which there is an irregular demand for workers by the company.
  2. Duration: the discontinuous permanent contract has an indefinite duration, but the company is only obliged to call the worker when they need their services.
  3. Call period: The company must indicate to the worker the date and approximate duration of the calling period, which allows the worker to plan his life and his commitments with some advance.
  4. Salary: The worker's salary must be proportional to the time worked during the call period and must be equal to the salary received by workers with a full-time permanent contract of the same category.
  5. Right to unemployment benefit: workers with a permanent discontinuous contract have the right to receive unemployment benefit during the periods in which they are not called to work.

  6. Dismissal: the discontinuous permanent contract is the same as the full-time permanent contract in terms of causes and dismissal procedure.
  7. Working day: The working day will be the one agreed in the contract and cannot exceed the established legal maximums.
  8. Vacation: the worker has the right to enjoy the same amount of vacations as full-time permanent contract workers.
  9. Social Security: the company must contribute to Social Security for the worker during the call periods, even if they are not working.
  10. Formalization: the discontinuous permanent contract must be formalized in writing and must include the period of call, the duration of the contract and the category of the worker.

Final comments about fixed discontinuous contracts

In conclusion, discontinuous permanent contracts have become an interesting alternative for companies and workers seeking a stable employment relationship, but with greater flexibility. This contractual figure has allowed companies to adjust their workforce according to business needs, thus avoiding costly compensation in the event of layoffs. On the other hand, workers can enjoy certain benefits, such as the security of a permanent employment contract, although with periods of inactivity in which they do not receive salary.

However, it is important to mention that discontinuous permanent contracts have been criticized by some sectors, who consider that said contractual figure makes employment precarious and favors temporary work. For this reason, measures must be taken to prevent discontinuous permanent contracts from becoming a tool to circumvent labor laws and to ensure that they are applied correctly in cases where their use is justified. In summary, although discontinuous permanent contracts have their pros and cons, it is important to continue analyzing their effectiveness and applicability in the current labor market.

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