10 characteristics of the "Nahuatl" language

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Nahuatl is a language of great historical and cultural importance in Mexico. Rooted in the Mesoamerican civilization, it has endured over the centuries and is still spoken in various communities, preserving an invaluable linguistic wealth.

Main Characteristics of Nahuatl

Nahuatl has a series of distinctive characteristics that make it unique and significant:

  1. Pre-Columbian Origin: It arose in Mesoamerica before the arrival of the Spanish, being spoken by peoples such as the Aztecs and the Toltecs.
  2. Phonetic Flexibility: Its phonology allows for a wide variety of sounds, including consonants and nasal vowels.
  3. Writing system: Historically, glyphs and codices were used to represent this language, although today the Latin alphabet is used.
  4. Grammatical Richness: It has a complex grammar with an agglutinative system, where prefixes and suffixes are added to form words.
  5. Cultural heritage: Many Nahuatl terms have been integrated into Spanish and persist in everyday life, especially in names of places, plants, and foods.

  6. Diversity of Variants: There are multiple dialect variants of Nahuatl, reflecting the diversity of the communities that speak it.
  7. Cultural Importance: It is essential to understand the history and culture of Mexico, being the bearer of traditions and ancestral knowledge.
  8. Linguistic Resilience: Despite the challenges, Nahuatl has stood the test of time and continues to be spoken by thousands of people.
  9. Official Recognition: In some states of Mexico, Nahuatl has official language status along with Spanish.
  10. Preservation and Revitalization: Efforts are underway to preserve and revitalize Nahuatl, including educational programs and community projects.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nahuatl

How many people speak Nahuatl today?It is estimated that around 1.5 million people speak some variant of Nahuatl in Mexico.
Is it difficult to learn Nahuatl for a Spanish speaker?It can be challenging due to its distinctive grammar and phonology, but with dedication and practice it can be learned.
What is the influence of Nahuatl on Mexican Spanish?Nahuatl has contributed numerous terms that are an integral part of Mexican Spanish, especially in names of places and foods.
Are there significant differences between the dialect variants of Nahuatl?Yes, dialect variants can differ in vocabulary, pronunciation and grammatical structures, reflecting regional diversity.
What is the current situation of the preservation of Nahuatl?Although it faces threats, there are active efforts to preserve and revitalize the language through educational and cultural programs.
Can you study Nahuatl outside of Mexico?Yes, there are international academic institutions that offer specialized studies in Nahuatl and indigenous languages ​​of America.
Does Nahuatl have any official recognition?Yes, in some states of Mexico, Nahuatl has official language status along with Spanish.
What are the main challenges facing Nahuatl today?The loss of native speakers, lack of government support, and the dominant influence of Spanish represent significant challenges.


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Nahuatl represents a vital part of Mexico's cultural and historical legacy. Its preservation and study are essential to understand the linguistic and cultural wealth of this country.

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