10 BATMAN Features

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Batman, American comic book superhero created for DC Comics by writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane. Batman debuted in May 1939 in Detective Comics #27 and has since appeared in numerous comics, comic strips, and graphic novels; on television in a camp of live-action series and a critically acclaimed animated show; in electronic games; and in media, atmospheric films.

He batman origin, which was not revealed to readers until the appearance of the character's seventh comic, is now a familiar tale. As prosperous doctor Thomas Wayne, his wife, Martha, and their young son, Bruce, left a Gotham City movie theater after a late-night showing of The Mark of Zorro, a gun was stolen by a robber. Dr. Wayne tried to protect his wife, but the man in a panic murdered the adult Waynes while his horrified son looked on. The grieving boy dedicated his existence to avenging his parents' murders "spending the rest of my life fighting all criminals." After years of training his mind and body to perfection, Bruce, who had inherited his father's millions, pondered a Crime Fighting Costume that would terrify lawbreakers. A bat flapping through an open window was considered an omen, and the final title of the original tale announced, "And thus is born this strange avenger of darkness... this avenger of evil, Batman."

Batman was an immediate hit from the day it was released.. Below are detailed the characteristics of Batman, this character that has attracted and attracts the attention of adults and children.

Batman Features

BATMAN Features

  1. Unlike many superheroes, Batman doesn't have a genetic transformation or some magical serum that gives him certain powers.. He is very normal in the sense that he decides to fight crime in order to receive justice for the death of his parents, not because he suddenly develops a new crime-fighting talent.
  2. After training, Bruce returned to Gotham City where he created his bat likeness and his batting suit, which is technologically advanced to give you an advantage when fighting criminals.
  3. In addition to the skills you learn from others, Batman is adaptable, agile, smart, stealthy, and is incredibly rich to finance his efforts.. One of his best highlights is the gadgets that he sometimes invents himself or adapts to his needs, as well as his skill in hand-to-hand combat.
  4. After the death of Bruce's parents, was raised by the family butler, but decided to go out alone to hone his skills at the age of 14.
  5. He was educated a lot in European schools and learned all kinds of skills in different parts of the world.. These skills include: manhunt, stealth, hunting, and healing.

  6. He traveled all over the world learning from different people in his various experiences. Bruce knew that to become the ultimate crime fighter, he had to be well-rounded and experienced in many fields..
  7. In his early adventures, Batman was pretty brutal.: threw a thug off the rooftop and executed a vampire by shooting her with a silver bullet. As Batman's acclaim grew, the character's publisher backed down, fearful that the sinister elements of the comic would be emulated by its young audience. DC removed the use of firearms and extreme force from Batman - never again would Batman take a life.
  8. Just under a year after the hero's debut, DC toned it down further by introducing a young sidekick. Dick Grayson, an aerialist for the circus, watched the mob-ordered murder of his parents and became the ward of a friendly Wayne, who trained the boy to become Robin, the wonder boy. Exuberant and shocking, Robin had a profound influence on the pressing Batman. The former "weird avenger" stepped right into the role of father figure.
  9. Then two villains are introduced who would become integral components of the character's story: the mocking prince of crime: the Joker, and the sensual princess of pillage, the Catwoman (although she was called "the Cat" during her initial appearance).
  10. Batman and Robin were soon challenged by a growing contingent of strange antagonists.: the Scarecrow, the Penguin and the Riddler were just a few of the rogues that repeatedly took on the "Dynamic Duo".

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