10 characteristics of reports

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Reporting is a form of journalism that is characterized by depth and analysis of a particular topic. Unlike the news, which focuses on reporting objectively and concisely about a specific event, the report seeks to offer a more complete and detailed vision of an issue, through investigation and the compilation of testimonies, data and opinions.

Features of the report

  1. Depth: The report seeks to explore a topic in detail, offering the reader a broader understanding of it.
  2. Analysis: Through the report we seek to analyze the different edges and aspects of a topic, offering a critical and reflective vision.
  3. Research: Reports usually require prior research work, which includes data collection, interviews, document analysis, among others.
  4. Testimonials: The reports include testimonies from people involved in the topic discussed, which adds a human dimension to the story.
  5. Contextualization: The reports seek to place the topic in its historical, social, political, economic, etc. context.

  6. Narrative: Often, reports are characterized by their narrative style, which seeks to capture the reader through a good story.
  7. Unique vision: Each report offers a unique perspective on the topic covered, which enriches the reader's understanding.
  8. Impact: The reports usually address topics of social relevance or general interest, with the aim of generating impact on the audience.
  9. Variety of topics: The report can address a wide range of topics, from journalistic issues to cultural, scientific, research, among others.
  10. Forms of presentation: They can be presented in different formats, such as press articles, documentaries, podcasts, among others.

Frequently asked questions about the report

  1. What is the difference between a report and a news story? The main difference lies in the depth and analysis offered by the report, as opposed to the conciseness and objectivity of the news.
  2. What is the importance of reporting in journalism? Reporting allows readers to expand their understanding of relevant topics, offering a more complete and analytical vision.
  3. What are the sources used in a report? The sources can be varied, from experts on the subject, to witnesses, documents, statistical data, among others.
  4. What elements should a good report include? A good report should include research, analysis, testimonies, contextualization and an attractive narrative.
  5. How is a report structured? The structure can vary, but generally includes an introduction, development of the topic, analysis, conclusions and, in some cases, recommendations or proposals.
  6. What is the appropriate length for a report? The length may vary, but in general, the report allows greater breadth than the news, and can extend to several pages or even be part of a book.
  7. How is the veracity of the information in a report verified? It is crucial to verify and contrast the sources used, as well as verify the authenticity of the data presented.
  8. What is the role of reporting in the digital age? In the digital age, reporting can reach a broader audience through online platforms, and adapts to new formats such as multimedia reporting or interactive reporting.

Table of report examples

"Fighting women"The fight for gender equalityTrends Magazine
"The water crisis"Environmental impact and lack of access to drinking waterEl Ciudadano Newspaper
"The legacy of Frida Kahlo"The life and work of the painter Frida KahloCulture in Focus television program

In summary, reporting is a fundamental tool in journalism, which allows us to delve deeper into relevant topics, offering a complete and analytical vision. Through research, analysis and narrative, reporting plays a crucial role in disseminating information and generating impact on society.

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