10 characteristics of Bamboo

Although everyone knows about bamboo as the food for panda bears, the truth is that few know about its other uses. Currently, it is not uncommon to see buildings or even furniture for the home where its material is based on bamboo.

Over time it has been possible to discover the benefits that can be obtained using bamboo. In fact, it is one of the most profitable construction materials that exists, as well as being renewable and sustainable. It even surpasses wood in terms of resistance and renovation.

Its origin

Many think that bamboo originates from China, but the truth is that the tests do not confirm that. It grows naturally in areas such as Southeast Asia and Northwestern India. In addition, since it is easy for it to withstand temperatures below -20°C, bamboo vegetation can also be found in the Andes and even in the Himalayas.

Some literary references refer that bamboo has existed for 40 million years. But 5,000 years before Christ, it began to be used in China as arrows and other building materials.

Bamboo characteristics

  1. One of the main characteristics of bamboo is that it is a very strong material. In fact, in relation to weight and strength it is greater than steel itself.
  2. In addition, it is one of the most flexible materials for industrial use. Even much more than plastics mixed with fiberglass.
  3. Another characteristic of bamboo is that it is the only plant that absorbs high amounts of carbon dioxide. In addition, it produces almost 30% more oxygen than other plants. For this reason, it is a great ally when it comes to reducing the effect of greenhouse gases.
  4. Another characteristic of bamboo is that it can easily grow without the need for fertilizers.
  5. Bamboo leaves are very good for fertilizing, since they contain many nutrients that the plant itself needs.

  6. It is a very easy plant to grow, since it resists mild temperatures. But also, it resists very well in extreme weather conditions. It is capable of tolerating temperatures below -20°C.
  7. Bamboo is always confused with a tree, but the truth is that it belongs to the subfamily of bambusoideae. That is, it is a plant like corn or wheat.
  8. Bamboo has natural cooling properties, due to its distinguished absorption process. That is, it does not absorb heat, but it keeps it when it is cold.
  9. It is very simple and quick to grow, from three to five years it fully matures.
  10. Another characteristic of bamboo is that it is a very functional plant. It is useful for construction. In fact, there are more than a billion houses made of bamboo.

Why is it used for construction?

Thanks to the fact that it is a perennial plant, its cultivation is much easier compared to other materials such as wood. In addition, it does not generate large cultivation costs either, since it can grow without the need for fertilizers, since its very leaves provide it with the nutrients it needs.

Its properties give it incredible hardness, but with the particularity of being flexible and light. It is even said that it is stronger than steel and does not weigh as much as it.

In addition, its uses not only include construction, but also the kitchen. In Asian countries, meals that include bamboo shoots are often prepared.

It is used to create kitchen utensils such as trays, bowls or spoons. Well, they are antibacterial, also very durable and ecological.

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