10 characteristics of creativity

Creativity is currently an essential concept for almost all areas in which the human being develops. It has already become an essential requirement for work, education and human development.

It is important to mention that the concept of creativity has its beginnings in the 20th century. Thanks to studies throughout history on this concept, we understand it as we do today. Since although it has always existed, at the beginning of humanity its existence was denied.

At the brain level, creativity is a complex process on a par with processes such as intelligence and memory. Therefore, very little is understood about it in terms of its functionality. In addition, these mental processes connect several areas that are very different from each other, which makes their study even more difficult.

Today, creativity is understood as the union of two concepts or the union of two ideas. From whose union something totally new arises, a new concept or a new idea. Although creativity is a mixture of ideas, it really goes much further than that.

Characteristics of creativity

Creativity is the ability to generate ideas and create alternative solutions, some of its characteristics are:

  1. One of the main characteristics of creativity is a new way of thinking about certain difficult or complex situations. To seek innovative solutions that generate a contribution to society.
  2. Usually very creative people tend to think in a disruptive way, or what is known as thinking outside the box. That is to say, leaving the established or conventional norms, questioning the status quo.
  3. It is flexible, since it has the ability to adapt according to the context, making use of the qualities of the environment or the resources it has.
  4. Ability to observe and analyze feelings and situations is an intrinsic characteristic of creative people.
  5. Another of its characteristics has to do with curiosity, the desire to discover and create new things.

  6. It has to do with the ability to look at things from new perspectives. On many occasions, playful thinking plays an important role in creating sensitivity to see things from a different angle.
  7. He tends to take precedence and not get frustrated when faced with the closure of possible paths or options. They usually face adversity with an open mind.
  8. It is important that you have interest and love for what you do. In this way, motivation will influence the creativity engine in any project.
  9. This does not usually happen by planning, but rather something spontaneous or that arises in a moment of inspiration. A technique widely used to promote those moments of enlightenment is the so-called brainstorming. With it, it is possible to more freely capture the ideas associated with the subject. Thus, the visualization of the paths to take is clearer.
  10. Creativity is closely related to imagination, since both share freedom. It is a place where anything goes.

What is it?

It should be noted that the human species associates creativity with original, unique and useful concepts. These are things that are repeated in the definitions of creativity, even in the neurosciences.

But, this definition sometimes creates problems, because creative thinking is associated with getting an original idea. And we think that if you are not making art or composing or inventing things on a daily basis, you are not a creative person.

If in the end, we break down the reasoning processes, critical thinking and creativity. These have very similar patterns at the brain level. When we face a new situation or a context, in which we have prior information. In other words, knowledge creativity means that with all that previous information we can build new information.

This happens to us constantly in life, it not only applies to art, but also to personal situations. Even when we learn, we are being creative, since teachers teach us new things and we are absorbing and associating them with what we already had.

How is it formed?

When we talk about the concept of creativity, they include the concept of originality. But sometimes it happens that an idea can be original at an individual level and not so much collectively. It may be that on an individual level we reach useful conclusions. But that at a collective level they were already invented, and therefore are of little use.

Therefore, we must understand the culture, read and study history. This would lay the foundation to build from there. Because if we don't cultivate ourselves and we all try to be creative based on individuality, it is likely that we will not build new information.

It is important not to always fall into the same thing, and not to confuse collective originality with individual one. You can be creative individually for your personal growth, through new situations that stimulate reasoning, critical thinking and therefore creativity.

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