10 characteristics of Literary Texts

Literary texts are those texts where the style and form given to the message is of central importance. Well, in the sense that art is a way of communicating with an aesthetic purpose.

Certainly the first known forms of writing were used for numerical registration, but many of the oldest civilizations possessed a rich tradition of literary texts with different approaches, which over time crystallized into what we can now call literary genres.

The literary text is one of the artistic ways through which the cultural, social and political values ​​of a culture are portrayed more exhaustively within a certain period, always from the particular vision and sensitivity of the artists, in the place and when they were produced.

Main characteristics of a literary text

  1. poetic intention: Through a literary text, every reader can access a particular aesthetic experience, which cannot be found in another type of text. Where your sensitivity will be involved, and you will be able to find meaning, beyond the expressed message and the knowledge of a specific theme.
  2. Personalization: It will be above all a personal text, which will communicate perceptions and approaches beyond the merely informative. He will question reality, through his own experience and from an innovative and very personal point of view.
  3. The spirit of the age: Literary texts are one of the best options to understand the collective feeling of the members of a culture, at a specific time. Well, these especially highlight the values ​​and idiosyncrasies of individuals in their context, the exposure and reflection on the paradigms and topics of the moment.
  4. Use of language: In this type of text, the language seeks to produce sensitive effects that increase the meaning, beyond what is said, to the point that it can be communicated in a broader sense. Literary language is more communicative: its particularity and its particular style in themselves can communicate a way of thinking, being, and seeing reality.
  5. Purpose: as it is in art, the end of a literary text is the work itself. And from the work of art, communication from an aesthetic perspective.

  6. Perdurability: Because literary texts emanate from a personal perspective typical of a time and a culture, they are capable of showing a logical and representative perspective, very unique and enriching, which makes them particularly enjoyable and enduring over time.
  7. fictional character: literary texts teach us a symbolic reality, more or less representative, that starts from a perspective, based on the writer's own vision of his experience and imagination, which he makes work based on his technique and style.
  8. plausible character: Although literary texts are works of fiction, and use resources such as poetic language or symbolism, everything is part of an approach to a reality, described or imaginary, that seeks to generate in the reader the feeling that what is told is true. .
  9. imitative character: Every literary text seeks to represent ideas and realities from the reformulation of what is perceived, in a synthetic way, so that it works in itself as a text.
  10. Variety: Literary texts belong to the categories of the different genres, among which the narrative can be highlighted: Text where a story is told and the experiences of a group of characters woven into a plot. Poetry: Texts in verse or prose format that seek to convey or evoke sensations, emotions, sentiments, and complex ideas, while reflecting on universal and existential themes, from a personal and sensitive perspective. The dramaturgy: is composed of texts that serve as the basis for the representation of a story, focusing on dialogue and exchange between characters.

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