10 characteristics of social responsibility

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Every person, natural or legal, has the duty to answer for the actions (carried out by them) that generate an impact on society, from a broad and general point of view, or to answer for a specific action before a certain group of people, in more precise terms.

The Social responsability It is precisely that naturally acquired commitment that individuals, public or private, individual or collective, possess to respond socially for certain actions that mark their mark.

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Characteristics of social responsibility

  1. It is a viable practice for all kinds of people: I mean, what is universal, since it is not an exclusive activity of companies, although they are the ones that commonly generate this commitment as a result of the activities of social, economic and environmental impact that they carry out to generate production, but rather that any person who has carried out an activity with brand in the scope of execution, must assume the social responsibility that this entails.
  2. Alludes to the ethics of a person: Any person who fulfills the responsibility of executing the actions to which they have committed, as part of a social debt that is generated by the execution of certain activities, business or personal, and that have generated an impact on their environment, automatically obtains a stamp of loyalty, ethics and morality. Characteristics that come hand in hand with social responsibility and that will be highly valued by the collective.
  3. Facilitates social, economic, political and environmental balance: Fulfillment of the social responsibility commitment that people acquire helps to create a favorable or positive impact on different aspects of society, from the point of view of the interpersonal relationships between companies and individuals of a town. and from an economic point of view. generating jobs. It also provides political balance through the establishment of new governance and environmental impact dynamics, procuring the protection of the environment through care and maintenance plans, executed as part of that commitment.
  4. Helps position people favorably: Social responsibility helps improve a person's image, no matter the type of person in question, natural or legal, since by generating a benefit to society in any aspect, even as part of a commitment that is acquired to compensate the use of a space, natural product, etc., will be seen with good eyes socially.
  5. It is based on satisfying social or collective needs: Social responsibility is characterized by the search for collective well-being, seeking to meet the needs of the company environment or the individual person.

  6. Promotes healthy competition: The greater the benefit that people have generated for their environment as a result of the commitment to social responsibility, the greater the next benefit that is intended to be realized, since innately, instinct always seeks improve what has been executed in advance.
  7. Allows for the establishment of close bonds of trust: So that the individuals that make up the scope of an institution, company or natural person can trust them, they need to comply with each aspect of the plans established in favor of social responsibility, plans that initially go in accordance with their original aspects : environment, economy and society.
  8. Increase the development possibilities of a locality: Normally, the commitments acquired around social responsibility must be executed in the same environment where the activities that generated an impact on society have been carried out, therefore, by fulfilling that responsibility, possibilities of growth and development are generated in the certain sector. Thus, they are observed better transportation routes, recreational spaces for children, generation of employment opportunities that improve the stratum of families in the sector, etc.
  9. It can mean an opportunity for growth: When executing activities aimed at fulfilling social responsibility, companies or individuals may notice new abilities to carry out certain actions, which means a new opportunity for expansion and development.
  10. You can reduce costs: Social responsibility is characterized by being a commitment that is acquired and executed in favor of the community, generally through the development of certain construction processes, the satisfaction of collective needs, the utility repair, Job creation, etc. However, on some occasions, social responsibility can be settled through donations, which, in accounting terms, can help reduce tax expenses, favoring the economy of the person.

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