10 characteristics of Realism

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Realism is an artistic movement that emerged in the middle of the 19th century in Europe and whose main objective is to capture reality as it is, without ornaments or fantasies. Realism is characterized by an accurate representation of the society, morality and daily life of the time in which it develops, and its main exponents are painters, writers and other artists who are interested in the social, political and economic aspects of their time.

Realism was born as a response to the idealism that predominated in romanticism, and seeks to reflect reality truthfully and objectively. Realist artists aim to capture the truth and essence of things in their most natural form, so they use a precise and detailed technique to capture an image that is as true to reality as possible. In literature, for example, realist writers focus on depicting real people, places, and events, avoiding any form of idealization or exaggeration.

For all of the above, realism is considered a movement that seeks to give voice to the most forgotten and marginalized sectors of society, while trying to reflect the complexity of everyday life. In this way, realism invites reflection on the problems and realities of the society of the time, and becomes a tool through which injustice is denounced and fights for a more just and egalitarian society.

List of the 10 most important characteristics of realism

  1. Veracity: Realism is characterized by the faithful and objective representation of reality, without idealizations or embellishments.
  2. detail: Realism pays attention to detail and thorough description of objects and scenes.
  3. Social criticism: Realism focuses on social issues, criticizing and denouncing the injustices and inequalities of society.
  4. Representation of everyday life: Realism is interested in everyday life and common experiences of people, portraying them realistically.
  5. Character psychology: Realism is concerned with showing the thoughts, emotions and motivations of the characters, exploring their psychology.

  6. Direct observation: Realism is based on direct observation of reality and the personal experience of the author.
  7. Sober style: Realism is characterized by a sober and direct style, without ornaments or flourishes.
  8. Ordinary protagonists: Realism focuses on common characters, rather than heroes or extraordinary figures.
  9. Historical and social context: Realism places its stories in a specific historical and social context, reflecting the trends and circumstances of the time.
  10. Commitment to the truth: Realism seeks truth and veracity in the representation of reality, being ethical and rigorous in its approach.

Final comments about realism

In conclusion, realism was a literary movement that focused on reflecting the reality of society and the world in literature, using an objective narrative and without excessive embellishment. An important aspect of realism is its intention to show life as it is, without idealizing it or being distracted by fantastic and imaginary elements. In addition, realism tries to capture the essence of the characters, who become representatives of the society in which they live.

Another key aspect of realism is its concern with social problems, such as inequality, poverty, corruption, and injustice. Realist authors believed that literature should be a tool to change reality and create awareness among readers about the problems that afflicted the society of their time. In short, realism was a movement that sought to portray life as it is, without embellishment or exaggeration, and that maintained a commitment to the social reality of the moment, becoming a tool for change and awareness.

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