10 Characteristics of the Minstrel Mester

The Mester de Juglaria is a medieval artistic expression that was born in the 12th century in the Iberian Peninsula. Its name is due to the minstrels, who were in charge of reciting and singing poems in public in exchange for money. The works of the Mester de Minstrel were of varied themes, but those of a religious and moralistic nature predominated. Many of these works were written in Spanish and are considered by some critics as the first literary documents in our language.

The minstrels had to have a great capacity for improvisation and a powerful voice to reach the public in the squares and streets. Rhythm and musicality were fundamental in the presentation of the works, which often included instruments such as the flute, drum or lyre. Despite the fact that most of the poems were anonymous, some prominent authors such as Gonzalo de Berceo or the Arcipreste de Hita left their mark on this literary tradition.

The Minstrel Mester was a form of popular culture that adapted to the needs of its time, serving as a means of transmitting values ​​and beliefs, but also as a form of entertainment. Its influence can be felt in today's popular poetry and music, and it remains a showcase of the creativity of the medieval artists who led the way for Spanish-language literature.

List of the 10 most important characteristics of the Minstrel Mester

  1. Origin: The Mester de Juglaria arose in the Middle Ages in Spain, as a literary movement that was in charge of compiling and disseminating popular stories.
  2. Composition: His works were composed mainly in verse and were characterized by being epic and adventure stories.
  3. Topics: The main themes they addressed were heroes and soldiers, courtly love, religion and morality.
  4. Audience: This literary movement was aimed at all kinds of audiences, from the nobility to the common people.
  5. Authors: The authors of the Mester de Juglaria were mostly anonymous and came from different regions of Spain.

  6. Style: The style of these works was characterized by simple language and a great capacity to convey feelings and emotions.
  7. Transmission: The works of the Mester de Minstrel were transmitted through the minstrels, who recited and sang the stories in the squares and streets of the cities and towns.
  8. Influence: This literary movement had a great influence on later Spanish literature, especially in the Renaissance.
  9. Meaning: The Mester de Juglaria is considered a very important cultural manifestation of the Middle Ages in Spain, since it contributed significantly to the formation of Spanish literature.
  10. Legacy: Despite the fact that many of his works have not reached our days, the legacy of the Mester de Juglaria can be appreciated in contemporary Spanish literature, especially in poetry.

Final comments about the Minstrel Mester

In conclusion, the Mester de Juglaria is a key literary movement in the history of Spanish literature. Emerged at a time of great cultural effervescence, this movement stood out for its originality and creativity. Among the main aspects of the Mester de Juglaria are its influence on Castilian literature, its stylistic and thematic characteristics, and its role in the consolidation of Castilian as a literary language.

In this sense, we can affirm that the Mester de Juglaria constituted an authentic revolution in medieval literature, and marked a turning point in the evolution of Castilian literature. Thanks to this movement, the pillars of prose and poetry in Spanish were established, thus laying the foundations of what would become one of the most important languages ​​in the world. In short, the Mester de Minstrel represented an authentic cultural revolution that has transcended to this day.

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