10 features of MOODLE

The open software as learning tools, they have been practically unknown before the 21st century, it is currently when some very practical ones have begun to be known, such as the moodle, of type LMS either Course Management System, oriented since 2002, when it was developed by martin dougiamas, to impart knowledge in a constructive way to people.


moodle features

  1. Can be designed according to personal taste: The platform of the system allows the elaboration of a personalized design of the presentation, adjusting it to the requirements and personal tastes, in turn encouraging the dynamism and the possibility of feeling more comfortable with the program, thus favoring the interaction of people with educational activities. For this, it makes available to users various default themes, colors, layouts, and even allows the theme to be created in an original way by each one of them.
  2. Requires a registration: Initially, the system requires a registration or subscription, which allows you to keep track of the people who use the platform, promoting the safe and risk-free group interaction.
  3. It is a secure interface: As a consequence of the prior registration, which requests certain data from the participant, the system is characterized by being safe, free of computer viruses and with the option of share files between users that they are selected.
  4. It is available in all kinds of language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, etc. One of the most relevant features of Moodle is that has no language barriers, but it can be accessed with the language that is initially selected, being able to make use of the information available in that language immediately.
  5. Allows you to create and share educational content in a massive way: Those who are part of the Moodle community have the right to access the information that is shared on the platform immediately, with the limits that the same person making the publication has arranged for it, making it possible to access documents and pedagogical and educational activities in a massive way, that is, in great quantity.

  6. It has actions that allow interaction: In Moodle there are different ways of interacting and learning in the process, for this, they are available chat rooms, forums, courses certain shared by other users. Likewise, the interface allows a certain person to have different roles, being the facilitator in some of the actions and an active participant to learn in any other. The form of interaction of this system ensures a constant feedback of ideas and knowledge.
  7. Promotes teamwork: Due to the fact that it has different ways of interacting on the platform, Moodle is a system that is characterized by encouraging teamwork. Facilitators who wish to promote this type of activity should only organize themselves in such a way that the evaluations are presented in groups, thus making possible the contact between participants through chats, forums, messaging, etc.
  8. It is easy to access and manage: Completely instinctive and simple, this is the platform of this learning program, which does not boast of being a luxurious system, but interactive and practical. It is characterized by the fact that its actions are easy to use, being that anyone, of any age, can access it and carry out the relevant actions, taking part in the activities and learning in the process.
  9. Allows you to include other resources: As part of the forms of interaction and learning, Moodle allows users to make use of external tools that are beneficial to the system, facilitating learning and the way to access it. In this context, those who use Moodle can incorporate data related to their email address to receive relevant information, for example.
  10. Allows you to exercise control and evaluation of the activities: If you act as a facilitator in any of the relevant activities, Moodle offers them the opportunity to evaluate each of the learning phases related to the subject, in accordance with the tools provided and controlling or monitoring each phase of the process, awarding points users and thus facilitating a type of distance education but of total quality.

Thanks to this tool, education has taken a different course, allowing students to be more dynamic and self-sufficient in their learning, and allowing educators to remotely control the learning and evolution of their students.

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