10 features of ZOHO mail

A company requires special technological tools that allow it to maintain its rhythm, zoho email is one of them, an email that has been specially designed to be used by companies and, in this way, ensure that their production is not affected by communication problems between their different areas, internal or external.

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Zoho email features

  1. Allows you to customize the entries: Like most systems or programs, Zoho mail has a very important feature, the possibility of allowing its users customize the platform, with unique colors and designs they can choose or design, and setting only the information they want to see and manage in their tray.
  2. It has useful tools in terms of time zones: A novelty of Zoho mail, according to one of its latest updates, is that it allows you to establish a system compared between the time in which you are sending the mail according to your location and the time in which it will be received, according to the location of said email address. A very useful feature for companies or companies, who, when carrying out digital marketing or electronic promotion of their products, need to establish a good customer service hoursaccording to your location.
  3. He has memory!: With Zoho mail, when sending an email, you can easily access the email addresses you use frequently, because the system remember regular and periodic actions, facilitating their execution.
  4. Allows you to select the precise information you want to share: It is not necessary that you share everything that you have stored in the system, but the program is characterized by allowing the sending of certain files, selected in accordance with your requirements and those of your company or company. Being able to determine a shared folder with all the information you want to manage, together with the selected contacts.
  5. There are Apps for better management: Zoho mail can be downloaded and run from a computer, but it also offers the possibility of downloading specialized Apps to develop on Android and OS operating systems; with which you ensure that your staff will be in constant communication, even outside the usual work areas, such as the office, from their own Smartphone or Tablet.

  6. You can access your inbox offline: Although for it to work properly and to receive new messages, Zoho mail needs to be connected to an internet network, you can always access its platform using the mobile app and verify information you've already updated without having an immediate connection available.
  7. Allows to attach data: It not only works as a communication tool through the exchange of instant messages or emails, but it is also characterized by allowing the sending and receiving documents of different formats, which can be attached to the message. This allows the institution to access the necessary information at the right time: presentations, spreadsheets, projections, reports, etc.
  8. Includes useful accessories: Calendar, bookmarks, notepad, task scheduleThese are some of the additional tools or accessories that Zoho Mail offers its users. Very useful accessories when sending certain types of information related to the company's own agenda, and that allow you to verify and plan instantly, once you receive relevant information about an appointment, an event, the visit of a relevant client, among other viable examples.
  9. Improve communication between company members: This is the most relevant and most evident characteristic of this business technological tool, since it has been created with the intention of keeping the members of a company in contact with their personal work environment. Zoho mail is a system that ensures a constant flow of important information for business development, which can be viewed in different electronic media and guarantees harmony in the information processes and execution of activities. Also achieving optimal technological development in the institution.
  10. Allows employees to be in contact with the outside: And it is not only a tool that keeps the members of a company in contact with each other, but also with members of their family and their circle of friends, guaranteeing that during those long working hours there is a moment of healthy recreation and contact with the outside, that will fill workers and employees with vitality.

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