10 characteristics of a 4-year-old boy

He cognitive, physical, social, motor, sensory, affective and language development of a child, varies greatly according to their age, and although each one has their own compass, there are different particularities that can be attributed to certain stages, which help determine if everything is going within the standards considered normal.

two 4 year old boys studying

Characteristics of a 4-year-old boy

  1. Your language is clear and understandable: At the age of 4 years a child has the ability to use great deal of words, that allow you to express yourself easily and be understood by all people. He talks a lot, questions and converses with some skill, some more than others, according to their personality, but always with the certainty that they are being heard or that someone is speaking to them.
  2. His physical abilities improve and he is more independent: One of the main physical characteristics of a 4-year-old child translates into an increase in their physical abilities, since at that age fully mastered the art of walking and running, so he ventures to run pirouettes, to riding a bicycle, hop and to make their first sports. It is very common that at this age they feel independent, big and do not want to be led by the hand.
  3. Begins to understand mathematical notions: Although it is still too early to require an addition or a subtraction, at the age of 4 a child already has a notion of basic mathematical operations, he knows that there is a difference between having one thing or having two. Can count to certain small numbers and they begin to become familiar with money in a more dynamic way, understanding that with it they can obtain other things.
  4. Self-identifies as a person: A child of this age is fully capable of understanding that he is a person, that he is alive and that he is capable of feeling emotions, joy, sadness and pain. Knows that it is of a certain sex and recognizes the difference between a person, a thing, and an animal.
  5. Has a highly developed imagination: In this phase, a child's imagination is more dynamic than in any other, he is an expert at playing and can develop complete plots of role-playing games, recreational activities, telling fantasy stories and, on some occasions, it is necessary correct the lies, since it can confuse reality with its fanciful stories.

  6. Sleep more than 10 hours a night: Although he sleeps much less during the day, naps being almost completely reduced, at night he can still sleep for space from 10 to 12 hoursWell, you need that time to recover the energy you spend playing actively.
  7. Participate in social and recreational activities: A 4-year-old boy enjoys playing with other children and also with adults, he can participate in group activities and games, understanding the rules of the game and being part of the fun. At this stage it is necessary to remember that all children have different personalities, so some of them may find it easier to interact with other people than others.
  8. Demands more attention from their parents: A child of this age is aware that his parents pay a lot of attention to him, so he constantly seeks their consent, doing activities that they like, asking questions, asking for time and being very affectionate. Therefore, it is here, mainly, where it should be constant affection and attention from parents to children.
  9. Begins to understand the idea of ​​sharing: One of the most marked characteristics of a child at this stage is that they do not usually share, but rather have a tendency to express their power over things that are their property and over those that they do not, however, it is from This is the age when they begin to understand the notion of sharing, so it is important to lay a good foundation for learning about it.
  10. Develop your own tastes: Each child has his own personality and from the age of four, when he has surely started in the first stage of school education, he begins to show certain indications of those characteristics of his person, he is more aware of what you like and what you don't like. Can choose their clothes, refusing to eat certain dishes, indicate places and people you dislike, express disagreements, demand respect and propose activities, all according to your own tastes.

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