10 characteristics of CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

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Customer Relationship Management or CRM, according to its acronym, is the name given to the computerized system or computer program that is in charge of registering, keeping organized and optimizing the use of data that identifies and characterizes the clients of a certain company or institution.

They are generally used in shops or sales companies, in order to establish a Efficient user control and optimization of the purchasing process.

Characteristics of CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The main characteristics of Customer Relationship Management are the following:

  1. They record data and organize it: The essential characteristic of a Customer Relationship Management is that it takes the main data of the client, incorporates them into the system and assigns them an established order, in such a way that facilitate business operations where its incorporation is necessary, only a simple piece of information being required to quickly locate everything related to it.
  2. They favor coordination between the different areas of the company: No matter what area of ​​the company needs customer information, with a CRM it will always be available, so when managing any activity within the process, both the sales area and customer service, billing, payments , claims processing, etc., will be aware of the required information.
  3. Facilitate the sales process: First, because once all the customer data is registered, just one of those data is enough so that the system quickly locates the rest of the necessary information, which facilitates repeated purchases by the same customer, who will avoid the hassle of repeating each piece of information over and over again. And second, because it is a CRM with advanced technology, it can even record the tastes of the client or the most frequent purchases, facilitating the location of products in the system.
  4. They unify the forms of client-company communication: Which translates into the fact that the company can offer effective solutions to the client in a much faster way, due to the fact that all the information is centralized, from the name of the client, to the most direct means of communication, such as the telephone number, email, etc.
  5. They offer customers a better selling experience: When the customer feels cared for in a special way, looking to repeat the experience, guaranteeing a growth in productivity and in the profits direct from the company, and this is guaranteed with personalized attention, which is only possible with the adequate, organized and precise registration of customer information that is achieved with a CRM.

  6. They allow you to control customer activity in various areas: On some occasions, when the CRM is specialized, it is characterized by monitoring the various activities that the client executes in their social networks, which allows the company determine tastes and interests of it, to make plans, projections and recommend the products that best suit your needs.
  7. They generate independence and freedom: By keeping customer information registered and organized in an automated way, with the support of electronic equipment and computer programs such as CRM, sales agents can engage in marketing from any point, physical or virtual, without worrying about timely access. to said information, since it will be available whenever they need it, applying the Security controls relevant.
  8. They are safe and reliable systems: All good CRMs are characterized by keep customer information secure, incorporating security systems that are responsible for protecting it and guaranteeing its proper use. Therefore, each aspect of the client will be available, solely and exclusively, to the company personnel who deserve to know it in order to speed up the different internal processes that need it.
  9. They allow to project a plan: According to the profile created with the client's information, CRMs allow the development of sales plans aimed at satisfying their needs, giving them the opportunity to more personalized, more precise sales and specific attention, with high quality standards.
  10. They represent a firm step in technological development: In any institution dedicated to sales or processes related to it, where it is necessary to register customer data, a CRM means a step towards digitization and technological development, therefore, said system is characterized by favoring the development and growth of the company.

From this point of view, the benefits and general advantages that a CRM provides are endless.

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