10 characteristics of the WAN Network

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In terms of communication, networks are a fundamental element, since thanks to them it is possible to achieve the interconnection of different elements necessary to achieve the required levels of digitization and communication; These can be local or wide, including the Wide Area Network: WAN network.

WAN Network Features

  1. It is a broad spectrum network: Unlike local networks, or LAN networks, a WAN network covers a wide territorial spectrum, being able to connect with teams from different parts of the world. Due to its wide area, this network is characterized by having greater capacity and range of communication. Thanks to it, it is possible to achieve an efficient communication pattern, such as the one used by social networks and the different programs, digital platforms, Apps, etc.
  2. It is a very fast network: There are different speeds, according to the type of WAN network provider, however, in general terms, compared to other networks, the wide area network includes a specific speed that allows establishing contact in a matter of minutes, downloading relevant information and the execution of weight programs.
  3. Its cost is a little higher than other types of networks: Obviously, if it is a tool that allows many electronic devices to be connected, from different parts of the world, its cost will be higher than other forms of digital interconnection.
    1. First, because the initial investment in the service requires the acquisition of a expensive raw materialTherefore, the companies providing the service must guarantee the recovery of their investment.
    2. Second, because the maintenance of a wide-spectrum network like this, also requires more equipment, both material and personnel, and the greater the equipment, the greater the cost.
  4. They use layer 3 equipment for their operation: A layer three equipment is one that performs the interconnection of the devices through a process of routing, but through a hardware, as would be the case of routers or switches. Due to its width and speed characteristics, the WAN network needs this type of electronic device to send the signals or IP codes that allow the aforementioned interconnection to be executed, that is, communication between one electronic device and another; all in an efficient and controlled way.
  5. It is an essential element in terms of communication: At present, where people are forced to keep their distance for different reasons and socialization depends to a large extent on electronic communications, the WAN network has meant a fundamental element for society, since, due to its characteristics, it is possible to establish contact between people at opposite poles of the world.

  6. The WAN network optimizes processes and benefits productivity: being used as business tool, the WAN network favors the interconnection of companies with the world, including other companies that are dedicated to the same business, which, ultimately, Allows you to create planning and marketing patterns and strategies that benefit large-scale percentage gains and productivity.
  7. Facilitates electronic processes: Thanks to this type of digital interconnection, where a person can carry out different transactions from the comfort of their own computer and while at home, each process has been greatly facilitated, from purchases, now made online, to execution. of international bank transfers without stepping foot in a bank.
  8. It is a more complex network to control: Although being connected to the world is a significant advantage to a large extent, it certainly also represents a greater risk factor than other types of connection, where shared information is kept on a small group of connected electronic devices. Therefore, controlling a WAN regarding the issue of information, whether it is shared intentionally or not, is extremely difficult. However, there are tools designed to improve security a bit and reduce risks.
  9. It is a specialized system: Not everyone has the ability to offer a WAN network service, nor to do the respective maintenance, because this network system is characterized by requires specialized knowledge on the subject for its installation and control.
  10. It is a network that keeps information within the reach of the world: Everything you want to know, whatever you decide to do, you can know and do it through a WAN network, because it is characterized by keeping you connected to the entire world, giving you infinite possibilities.

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