10 characteristics of dating violence

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Courtship is a stage of life in which people seek to find love and establish a lasting relationship. However, in some cases, this stage is marred by dating violence, which is a serious problem that affects many couples around the world.

Dating violence encompasses various aggressive behaviors, both physical and emotional, that can have negative consequences for both the person who suffers it and the relationship itself. It is important to raise awareness about this problem and promote healthy relationships free of violence from the beginning.

Characteristics of dating violence

Below are the top 10 characteristics of dating violence to consider:

  1. Excessive control and jealousy: One of the clearest signs of dating violence is when one of the members of the couple tries to exert control over the other and shows excessive jealousy, limiting their freedom and privacy.
  2. Physical assaults: Physical violence, such as pushing, hitting, or other violent acts, is an obvious form of dating violence. Any form of physical aggression should not be tolerated in a relationship.
  3. Emotional violence: Verbal aggression, insults, humiliation and threats are also forms of dating violence. These behaviors can seriously affect the self-esteem and emotional well-being of the affected person.
  4. Manipulation and blackmail: Sometimes, one of the members of the couple can use emotional manipulation or blackmail to control and dominate the other, creating a toxic and unhealthy environment in the relationship.
  5. Social isolation: The person who commits violence may try to separate their partner from their friends and family, generating social isolation that makes it difficult to find support and increases emotional dependence on the violent person.

  6. Sexual pressure: Dating violence can also manifest itself through unwanted sexual pressure. Forcing your partner to have sex or perform acts that they are not comfortable with is unacceptable behavior.
  7. Financial control: Some people use financial control as a way to exert power over their partner. Limiting access to financial resources or supervising all expenses can be a manifestation of dating violence.
  8. Possessive behavior: Possessive attitudes, such as constantly checking your partner's phone or social media, can indicate a dating violence problem. It is important that each member of the couple has their personal space and privacy.
  9. Indifference and contempt: Indifference, contempt and lack of empathy towards the partner are also forms of dating violence. Respect and equality should be fundamental values ​​in any relationship.
  10. Constant demands: The continuous imposition of demands and restrictions by one of the members of the couple can be a sign of dating violence. The relationship should be based on communication and mutual respect.

Comparative table of different forms of dating violence:

Form of violenceDescription
Physical violenceIt includes acts of physical aggression, such as pushing, slapping, hitting, among others.
emotional violenceVerbal or non-verbal behaviors that emotionally damage the partner, such as insults, humiliation or threats.
Excessive control and jealousyAttempt to exert control over the partner by manipulating their freedom and privacy.
Social isolationSeparate the couple from their social environment and limit their contact with friends and family.
sexual pressureForcing or manipulating a partner to perform unwanted sexual acts.
Economic controlControl and limit access to economic resources, generating dependency and vulnerability.
possessive behaviorAttitudes of control and constant surveillance over the couple, invading their privacy.
Indifference and contemptLack of respect, empathy and consideration towards the partner, minimizing their feelings and needs.
Manipulation and blackmailUse manipulative and blackmail tactics to dominate and control the partner.
Constant demandsContinuously impose demands and restrictions on the couple, limiting their autonomy and freedom.

Dating violence is a problem that must be addressed seriously and urgently. It is essential to promote relationships based on respect, communication and equality, as well as seek support and help if you are involved in a situation of dating violence.

If you are experiencing any form of dating violence, do not hesitate to seek help and support. There are specialized organizations and professionals that can provide you with the necessary support to get out of this situation and recover your emotional well-being.

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