10 characteristics of good PEOPLE

Being a good person isn't hard, but it doesn't happen. As much as anything else, you must want to be a good person and make decisions that are consistent with your beliefs. No matter where you are in your life, you can choose to change. Here are 10 simple traits of a truly good person.

characteristics of a good person

Characteristics of a good person

  1. They are honest in relationships: Relationships can put an amazing amount of stress and stains on a person, especially when things go wrong. A good person may try to stay in a relationship for too long, trying to force something that isn't there. But a truly good person will be honest in their relationship and go through with it when things go well and end it when the time comes. It's difficult, if not impossible, to live up to your high potential when your relationship is holding you back. Be honest about how you feel and stay true when you've made a commitment.
  2. They compliment others when they deserve it: Good people understand that others need praise. Giving a compliment is not only a nice thing to do, but also a sign that you may be excited about other people's triumphs. A truly good person will compliment when it is deserved and offer constructive criticism when necessary.
  3. Remember your manners: Whether it's waiting until everyone has their food to eat or answering the door when others walk by, proper manners are definitely not out of style. Truly good people understand the importance of their actions and always remember their manners.
  4. They think of others It's easy to be selfish and do what's best for yourself. However, truly good people consider others in their decisions. They understand that what is good for them may not always be what is best for others. They do not have to attend exclusively to others; rather, they understand and take into consideration how their actions will affect others and are comfortable with the decision to move forward.
  5. They call their parents regularly: It's simple, but being respectful and grateful for your parents is a great thing. It's easy to get busy and let life get in the way, but truly good people find time to make sure they check in with their parents on a regular basis.

  6. They are polite: Good people are polite. They show respect and take care of their manners. It's not to be a showoff or to look better; they simply respect individuals and want to treat them the way they want to be treated. You don't have to be formal or walk on eggshells to be polite. It's more of a function of ensuring that you act in a way that matches your current location.
  7. They are nice to everyone: A good person does not have to be liked by everyone, but at least they are kind. They look at people for the person they may be and can look beyond the present to see the positive aspects of the person.
  8. They are generous with their belongings: While you don't have to physically remove your shirt, a good person is willing to be generous. A good person understands that the things we collect and the money we accumulate are worthless without people sharing it. You don't have to be a bleeding heart, giving away your life's fortune; rather, be open and generous to the less fortunate in a time of need.
  9. They go further: A really good person makes sure the task gets done and always goes above and beyond. Whether it's sticking around to help clean up after an event or spending your own time making sure things get done right, a good person understands the importance of finishing what you start.
  10. They are kind to loved ones: Sometimes you can be good to others, but treat those who love you the most the worst. A truly good person does not solve his problems with his loved ones and is as pleasant at home as he is in the public eye.

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