10 characteristics of Narcissistic people

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Narcissistic people are those who have an exaggerated self-esteem and belief in their own importance. These people tend to see others as inferior and focus only on their own interests and needs. It is common for them to feel irresistibly drawn to power, fame, and money.

Narcissistic people are in constant search of admiration and recognition. They have a constant need to be the center of attention and expect special treatment for being "different" or "special." They are capable of doing whatever it takes to earn the approval and admiration of those around them, even if it means deceiving or manipulating others.

On the other hand, people with narcissism are also considered emotionally immature, since they have a hard time establishing deep and meaningful relationships with other people. They often have difficulties listening and accepting opinions different from their own and understanding the emotions of others. Instead, they tend to minimize or deny the feelings of others and focus only on themselves.

List of the 10 most important characteristics of Narcissistic people

  1. Egocentrism: Narcissistic people have excessive self-esteem and tend to focus on themselves and their needs before others.
  2. Image Obsession: The image they project is very important to them. They tend to worry about their physique and what others think of them.
  3. Handling: Narcissistic people tend to manipulate and control others to achieve their goals.
  4. Lack of empathy: They don't usually put themselves in the other's place and have a hard time understanding and connecting emotionally with people.
  5. Grandiosity: They tend to have an exaggerated overestimation of themselves and their abilities.

  6. Envy: Although it may seem contradictory, narcissistic people often feel envy and jealous of people they consider superior to them.
  7. Low self-esteem masked: Despite their self-centeredness and grandiosity, narcissistic people often have low underlying self-esteem.
  8. Arrogance: They tend to be arrogant and may treat others with contempt and superiority.
  9. Requirement: Narcissistic people often demand that others pay attention to them and meet their expectations without considering the feelings and needs of others.
  10. Lack of responsibility: They often blame others for their problems or mistakes and have difficulty accepting responsibility for their actions.

Final comments about Narcissistic people

In conclusion, narcissistic people are individuals who exhibit excessive behavior in terms of their need for recognition and admiration, which can result in a lack of empathy towards others. These people are extremely self-centered and tend to focus on maintaining their image and reputation, often at the expense of others.

Although not all narcissistic people are necessarily bad, it is important to pay attention to behavior patterns that can lead to damaging interpersonal relationships and coexistence. It is essential to seek professional help in cases in which the personality of a narcissistic person has reached a point of affecting their daily and social life, as well as that of others.

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