10 characteristics of Terror

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Terror is a primary emotion characterized by intense fear, anguish, anxiety and agitation. It is one of the most intense emotions that a human being can experience and can be triggered by various situations, events or stimuli. In the field of fiction, horror is also a popular genre that focuses on provoking fear and suspense in the reader or viewer.

Main characteristics of terror

  1. Intense and visceral fear
  2. Distress and anxiety
  3. Emotional and physical turmoil
  4. Triggered by threatening or supernatural situations
  5. Causes fight or flight reactions

  6. Impact on behavior and mood
  7. Triggers physiological responses such as tachycardia and sweating
  8. It manifests itself in panic reactions and paralyzing terror.
  9. Produces a feeling of extreme vulnerability
  10. Can be experienced individually or collectively

Comparison table between fear and terror

IntensityLow to moderateExtreme
Physiological reactionsMild or moderateIntense and uncontrolled
TriggersEveryday or foreseeable eventsThreatening or supernatural situations
emotional impactDiscomfort or worryAnguish and despair

Horror FAQ

What is the difference between fear and terror?

Fear is a more moderate and controllable emotion, while terror is an extreme emotional experience that can cause a feeling of despair and vulnerability.

What types of situations can trigger terror?

Terror can be triggered by threatening situations, traumatic events, or by supernatural stimuli such as ghosts, monsters or paranormal phenomena.

How does terror manifest itself in the body?

Terror can trigger physiological responses such as tachycardia, sweating, tremors, difficulty breathing, and a feeling of tightness in the chest.

Is terror a dangerous emotion?

Terror can be a very intense emotional experience, but in most cases it does not represent real physical danger. However, prolonged or chronic terror can have negative effects on mental and emotional health.

How can you face intense fear?

It is important to seek emotional and psychological support in situations of terror or intense fear. Therapy, social support, and self-care are useful tools for managing fear.

Can the horror genre in fiction provoke real fear?

Yes, the horror genre in fiction is designed to provoke intense emotions such as fear, suspense and anguish in the reader or viewer. However, this reaction is controlled and safe, since it takes place in a fictional context.

Can terror be experienced collectively?

Yes, collective terror is a shared emotional experience that can occur in emergency situations, natural disasters, or large-scale traumatic events.

What is the importance of the horror genre in popular culture?

The horror genre in popular culture has a significant impact on society, as it addresses and channels humanity's common fears and anxieties through artistic and narrative creativity.

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