10 characteristics of NARRATIVE TEXTS

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Narrative texts are those that seek the interaction of making a goal known, but, in turn, tell in detail a real or fictitious event.

The narrative is considered a popular genre and very seen between the readings of the students and teachers.

Its main attribute is that it provides an opportunity to share vestiges of imagination, creativity, skill, and understanding of almost every element of writing.

Many of the professors and other experts in Spanish affirm that narrative texts are known as "Creative writing" or story writing.

These are the 10 characteristics of narrative texts

Like all documents, each one has its structure, but with different characteristics. In the case of narrative texts they are:

  1. Tells a story: The main narrative texts are rich in telling a history, inform, educate and entertain to the audiences.
  2. They are absorbing reading: The reading should be absorbing, contain a good narrative to captivate audiences and leave a good message.
  3. Characters: The characters can be similar to a conventional individual so that the audiences have more attraction.
  4. Scenery: The scenarios and plots are designed to meet the objectives of entertaining and keeping people engaged.
  5. Plot: Introduce a problem or complication that means an obstacle that gives purpose to your story.

  6. Reading: The reading of the narrative texts must have the characteristic of evolution, otherwise, it will not have the attention of the audiences.
  7. Grammar tools: Narrative texts will contain various tools spelling and grammar to make reading more enjoyable.
  8. Resources: It should be rich in resources like clean scenarios, fresh themes, and effective strategies.
  9. Environment: The environment is inspired by real events but fictitious topics are used in its structure to give it greater drama.
  10. Dialogues: All narratives have dialogues and form a cast of characters who are in charge of giving life and shape to the texts.

Each story has its own essence and the writer must find inspiration in it, to make one of the best.

Narrative texts are commonly known for being spokespersons for certain fictional events or stories that help entertain people of any kind.

What is the purpose of narrative texts?

Defining the purposes of narrative texts is simple, since their structure is based solely on tell a story.

The media and written novels are the main documents that use this type of text, since their usefulness is to transcend a fact.

Its purposes can be for any reason such as motivate, educate or entertain to the audiences. Narratives can be both factual and fictional.

What elements are essential in the construction of a narrative text?

Besides the grammar structure, It also includes other criteria, among which the following stand out:

  • Introduction: This point tries to propose the first points of the theme to locate the reader.
  • Complication: it is the most important element of the equation, since the narratives have some kind of problem for the main characters.
  • Plot/Series of Events: development for various events happen in the story as the main characters try to solve the problem.
  • Resolution of conflicts: After some events that nourish the objectives and problems, they will proceed to generate a way to carry out the solution to all the problems.
  • Conclusion: This is the biggest hook of the whole story, because in the narration it ends with a final paragraph to summarize the history of the characters.
  • Moral: It is only used in some stories. Sometimes the characters in the narrative learn a lesson, or a moral, about life.

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