10 features of the IPHONE 11

With the launch of the new smart device, it is very important to know the features of iPhone 11. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max may have similar names, but each has its own particularities.

In the case of the conventional iPhone 11 model, the features are not as good as the Pro models, due to the fact that they incorporate larger adaptations. Said mobile device was released last September 10, 2019 during a press conference with company representatives. It was on this same day that other smart watches and hearing aids from the same brand were also published, adapted to new trends.

So far, it was known that the phone has a value of 699 – to 800 dollars for high-end equipment. Its price is not so competitive, but the functionalities are top than other equipment, except for some Xiaomi or Samsung models.

These are the 10 features of the iPhone 11

Smart device features include:

  1. A new glass; has a material very strong housed in the front and rear area. Hopefully that would mean fewer cracks from accidental drops or trips.
  2. It allows taking Slo-Mo Selfies with good resolution and image quality.
  3. It has spatial audio; the overall sound is produced around the device that the company calls "Spatial Audio," a 3D audio solution that's a first for Apple iPhones.
  4. Has a dual lens camera on iPhone 11; the lenses are wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle for 2X optical zoom and a much wider field of view.
  5. It has a triple-lens camera on iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max; this model is truly professional grade.

  6. It packs a new Midnight Green finish to the lineup on the iPhone 11 Pro, and it's stunning. Space Gray, Silver, and Gold are still available, though they look a bit different thanks to the new frosted glass on each phone.
  7. In its internal system, the chipset A13 Bionic Apple's next-generation CPU is the fastest CPU in a smartphone and the fastest GPU in a smartphone.
  8. has a 2x optical zoom along with a thanks to a telephoto lens and an ultra-wide angle lens.
  9. Apple's new "Deep Fusion" image processing system uses machine learning to capture a total of 9 images, then analyzes and combines them into a single, ultra-clear photo in just one second.
  10. has until 4 levels of battery life, being more extensive than other batteries in Smartphone. This point is very important due to the high energy demand of current applications and games.

Conclusions of the features of the iPhone 11

In general, the iPhone 11 are part of a new generation in technology for new adaptations in both operating systems and cameras.

It is characterized by being a machine learning Smart HDR to capture images with more realism and color. Its internal iOS 13.2 system has a functionality called deep fusion which uses advanced machine learning techniques for pixel-by-pixel processing.

The main attribute of the team are the improvements in the cameras, since they help to improve the textures, the details, the colors and the visual quality. In addition, it has an internal editing system that provides filters and finer components that allow images and videos to be improved.

The experience with the device is one of the best on the market today, although the Xiaomi models are setting the standard. However, iPhone operating systems are much more advanced because they include features typical of a computer and their RAM capacity is much more advanced.

In fact, it provides capabilities ranging from 64, 128 and 256 GB, but if the user needs more, it can be purchased through the Apple Store. So far, all the comments around iPhone 11 and its successors are very good, but its receptivity is focused on activities related to photography.

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