10 characteristics of ocean waters

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The Earth is made up of a lot of water, present in various ways: it is in the air, inside the Ground and on the surface; within the latter we can highlight the water of rivers, seas and oceans.

In the specific case of the ocean waters; that is to say, of those that surround both the continental formations, as well as the islands, specifically the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, Antarctic and Indian Oceans, which represent more than 90% of all the water that makes up the planet Earth.

Background of corals in ocean waters

Ocean Water Characteristics

  1. They are deep water On average, the depth of ocean waters is 3,900 to 4,000 meters. However, in the areas close to the coastal formations created by the oceanic waters, the depths descend, reaching as low as 200 meters or less, but even so, compared to continental, sea and river waters, it is deep water.
  2. They have certain temperatures: The characteristic temperature of oceanic waters is much warmer than the rest of the waters, this because it has a great heat absorption capacity. Now, of course, the temperature of ocean waters will depend to a large extent on the location of the ocean and the weather conditions at the time. So, we have to the temperatures of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean are much warmer than those of the Arctic Ocean, For example. And equally, in each of them the temperatures vary greatly between the winter and summer seasons.
  3. Higher density waters: It is a very specific characteristic of oceanic waters and is largely due to the amount of salt that it possesses, consequently allowing a greater facility to float and to emerge from an ocean. Compared to normal water, ocean waters stand out in density on average from 2.5% to 2.7%.
  4. They have a high salinity content: Although the amount of salt that ocean water can contain will depend on multiple factors such as: the ocean, its location, climate, temperature and the effect of man... the truth is that, in general terms, it is a natural source with a high salinity content, being, on average, that they contain between 30 and 50 grams of salt for every liter of water.
  5. They are visually blue in color: Actually, the water is colorless, whether it comes from the sea, the ocean or the river, however, oceanic waters, as a consequence of the salt content, its other natural components, its depth and the action of the sun's rays that are reflected in its surface, they can acquire a tonality dark blue in sight of the human being.

  6. They represent a source of natural wealth: Both from the plant point of view and from the animal point of view, oceanic waters are characterized because they represent a source of natural life, being that in its depths hundreds of species develop of plants and live a large number of marine animals.
  7. They provide nutrients to the population: All marine species, both plant and animal, represent a source of Varied, healthy and very protein-rich diet, which helps to maintain a balanced diet in all coastal populations and in the rest of the surrounding populations.
  8. They help to maintain the climatic and atmospheric balance: Ocean waters represent a large part of the total water on the planet, which is why they are responsible for producing a large amount of oxygen, which helps maintain a healthy balance in the ecosystem. Likewise, the permanent movement of oceanic waters contributes to regulate Earth's climate changes and it also favors the tides that cause great atmospheric modifications, a situation that has increased as a result of pollution and external agents of a harmful nature.
  9. Promote the maintenance of communications: Because the oceanic waters surround each of the continental formations, and even the islands, communication by sea has been possible between one continent and another, thanks to the existence of such. Today it is possible move, send and receive information through these channelsIn fact, it was one of the first existing means of communication.
  10. They are a source of work: Either as fisherman, as sailor or as scientist that studies its composition and environmental effects, climatic waters become a source of work for society. Not counting the large number of tourism that propitiate in the regions where the coastal formations have been established.

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