10 features of YAHOO

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yahoo is the most recognized email service provider. Yahoo services managed to attract billions of users due to its outstanding features. yahoo is one of the oldest networks in the web services market. The main reason behind Yahoo's success is its user-friendly features. Yahoo has the huge user database from that time, when very few people knew about email services. Yahoo's market value has been intact for a long time. Yahoo's services may be used for mailing and other purposes. Yahoo has the supported platform for regular use and also deals with Yahoo customer service number issues.

yahoo features

Yahoo Highlights

Yahoo gained fame due to its amazing features within the mail platform. The main features of Yahoo are:

  1. Services. Yahoo mail services are not only limited to email but also have some interesting services like Yahoo answers, group chats, search engines, and messengers.
  2. Update. Yahoo keeps updating its features and always remains transparent about its updates by notifying them by mail.
  3. Easy to use. Yahoo mail template is really easy to use, even a layman can easily differentiate between the folders like spam, inbox, etc.
  4. Unwanted mail. Yahoo saves spam data for 90 days and after that, it will be automatically deleted.
  5. Storage. Yahoo's data storage capacity is 25 GB and the data stored can be used anywhere online. So by including your documents, images, etc. you will get 25 GB space.

  6. Security. Yahoo is always concerned about users' account security. If a user follows all the security tips to protect the Yahoo mail account and keep the account up to date, there is a small chance of a data breach.
  7. events. Yahoo users can save the contacts they want in their mail and receive notification of important events and dates.
  8. flickr. The other notable thing related to Yahoo is Flickr. It was acquired by Yahoo in March 2005. It is basically an image hosting and video hosting site that helps you to preserve some memorable moments in the form of images and videos.
  9. Yahoo Mobile. By introducing Yahoo Mobile, it was a great favor for those who need to access their account after a short period of time. It is the mobile application launched for all the smartphones and it reaches commendable features.
  10. Continuous improvements. Yahoo is doing very well with its services, but sometimes Yahoo users need help to solve the problems they are facing; in that case, they can get help from Yahoo support.


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