10 linguistic characteristics of an argumentative text

A argumentative text is a written composition that aims to persuade the reader through reasons and solid arguments. Linguistics, in this type of text, plays a fundamental role since it is in charge of providing the necessary structure to present ideas clearly and coherently.

An important point in the linguistics of the argumentative text is the proper selection of words. It is vital to choose a precise and objective language, which allows ideas to be expressed clearly and precisely. The use of technical terms and specific terms can be very helpful in reinforcing arguments more precisely, as long as they are used appropriately and clearly explained.

Another relevant aspect in the linguistics of the argumentative text is the structure of the text itself. It is necessary that there is a cohesion between the ideas, that they are presented in an organized and coherent way. The correct use of connectors and punctuation marks is key to achieving a fluent and convincing speech. Grammar and spelling are also essential, since a poorly written text can undermine the message you want to convey and reduce its credibility.

List of the 10 most important linguistic characteristics of an argumentative text

  1. Well structured introduction: an argumentative text should begin with a brief introduction that introduces the topic and the thesis to be defended. This must be clear and concise.
  2. Presentation of evidence: an argumentative text must use solid and relevant evidence to support the thesis. This can include statistical data, case studies, testimonials, etc.
  3. Use of logical reasoning: An argumentative text must build its argument logically, using well-established premises and valid reasoning.
  4. Consideration of contrary arguments: an argumentative text must take into account and refute the opposing arguments in a reasonable and respectful way.
  5. Coherence: an argumentative text must be coherent in its structure and in the presentation of its argument. The dots must be connected clearly and logically.

  6. Vocabulary according to the topic: an argumentative text must use a specific and specialized vocabulary related to the topic in question.
  7. Use of examples: an argumentative text can use concrete examples to support your argument and make it clearer and easier to understand.
  8. Effective use of rhetoric: an argumentative text can use rhetorical techniques such as repetition, irony, or hyperbole to make its argument more persuasive.
  9. Appropriate use of voice and tone: an argumentative text should use a voice and tone appropriate to the audience and the type of argument to be presented, avoiding being too formal or too colloquial.
  10. Convincing conclusion: an argumentative text must have a conclusion that summarizes the argument and is convincing in its presentation.

Final comments about linguistics of an argumentative text

In conclusion, we can state that The linguistic structure of an argumentative text is of vital importance for its understanding and effectiveness.. Textual coherence and cohesion are essential aspects that must be carefully worked on to achieve success in transmitting the message and persuading the recipient. Likewise, the appropriate use of grammar and vocabulary, as well as the selection of a linguistic register appropriate to the public to which the text is directed, are determining elements for the success of the argument.

On the other hand, the use of rhetorical tools, such as irony, interrogation, the inclusion and exclusion of information, among others, are elements that will make it possible to impact and persuade the recipient effectively. In this sense, it is important to highlight the importance of argumentation based on evidence and solid evidence to achieve the legitimacy of our argumentation. In short, the success of an argumentative text rests on an adequate structuring and selection of linguistic resources, as well as on the presentation of coherent and solid arguments.

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