10 characteristics of Naturalism

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Naturalism is a literary movement that emerged in 19th century France and spread throughout the world. Its main objective is to reflect the reality of life through literature. Naturalist writers address topics considered taboo until then, such as prostitution, alcoholism, poverty and disease, without holding back or idealizing.

Naturalist writers believe that the social environment, the environment and the material conditions mark the lives of human beings in a decisive way, and this is reflected in their literary work. For this reason, the themes addressed in the naturalistic works revolve around the conflicts derived from the struggle for survival. The protagonists, generally from the lower classes, are faced with complex situations that push them to make extreme decisions.


In conclusion, Naturalism is a literary movement that deals with everyday reality, that breaks with traditional canons and seeks to show the truth as it is, without sweeteners or idealizations. This literary current has marked a milestone in the history of universal literature, since it has allowed authors to show the harshness of life in a realistic and credible way. For this reason, Naturalism has been highly valued by readers throughout history, since it has offered them a more complete and profound vision of the world.

List of the 10 most important characteristics of Naturalism

  1. Determinism: Naturalism defends the idea that human beings are determined by their biological and geographical aspects, which influence their way of thinking and acting.
  2. Pessimism: It is an artistic and literary current that shows a gloomy vision of life and society in general, emphasizing the misery and hopelessness of its characters.
  3. Objective observation: Naturalists seek to portray reality objectively, avoiding subjectivity or value judgments.
  4. Expression of human nature: Naturalism focuses on human nature and its complexities, reflecting aspects such as sexuality, violence, and the struggle for survival.
  5. Social criticism: Naturalism is often used to criticize and denounce the social problems of the time, such as poverty or labor exploitation.

  6. Realism: Naturalists are concerned with portraying reality faithfully, accurately describing the environments in which the action takes place.
  7. Psychological analysis: The characters of Naturalism are analyzed in depth, showing their thoughts and motivations in detail.
  8. Nature as a stage: Nature is an important element of Naturalism, serving as a setting for stories and as an element that influences the plot.
  9. Social determinism: In addition to biological determinism, naturalists argue that human beings are determined by their social and cultural environment.
  10. Contempt for romanticism: Naturalism rejects the idealistic and romantic aspects of life, preferring a realistic and objective view of the world.

Final comments about Naturalism

Naturalism is a literary current that emphasizes determinism and the role played by the environment in the lives of human beings. Naturalist writers seek to represent reality objectively and critically, focusing on issues such as poverty, disease, and violence. In addition, they describe the characters as beings conditioned by their biological heritage and their environment, and show how these factors limit their possibilities of choice and action.

Naturalism was an influential literary current in the second half of the 19th century, which had a great impact on European and American literature. His legacy was the creation of a more realistic vision of society and the human condition, which influenced other subsequent literary movements. In short, Naturalism represents an important moment in the evolution of modern literature, and its emphasis on objectivity and social criticism, as well as the importance of the environment and biology in human life, is still relevant today.

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