10 characteristics of ARIDOAMERICA

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To begin detailing the 10 characteristics of Aridoamerica, it is necessary to highlight that this was one of the great cities, areas or territory that is considered the cradle of civilization together with Oasisamerica and Mesoamerica, therefore it dates back thousands of years.

In the case of Aridoamérica, this is located historically in time, from 2000 years BC. and it was located in what we know today as central, southern and lower California, Sinaloa, Sonora, Chihuahua, Durango and Zacatecas.

In short, what used to be Aridoamerica today is the southeastern United States and northern Mexico. This large territory is also often referred to as "cultural of the southwest" and had the following characteristics.

natural landscape in aridoamerica

The 10 characteristics that identify Aridoamérica

  1. Lifestyle: The members or people who inhabited Aridoamérica led a nomadic life, they used to stay in caves and thus moved from one place to another, without a fixed place to live, their coexistence significantly affected them. However, in addition to being nomads, they were very territorial, that is, they defended their lands (where they were passing through) even after they were going to leave them, that is, they felt they were the owners of the places through which they passed, which caused problems between themselves.
  2. Economy: The Aridoamericanos focused on hunting and gathering as a means of food, where at the same time they extracted inputs to exchange economically with other groups. In this way, they fished and hunted deer, ate their meat and, in the case of deer, dried and sold the skins for exchange. While on the other hand they planted and collected Magueyes, Acorns, Cactus, Pine Nuts, Beans, Yucca flowers and others.
  3. Cultures/groups: Due to their difficult coexistence, the Aridoamericanos were divided into various groups according to their culture, among which we can mention the Guaicura, Guarijo, Huichol, Kumiai, Opata, Cucapá, Caxcán, Cochimí, Pai Pai, Guachichil, Zacatecos, Acaxee, Guamare, Mogollón and others, becoming more than 18 of these. It is important to note that these and other Pre-Columbian cultures belonging to Aridoamerica, were emerging over time in particular areas of territory, so they were not interrelated with each other, although they have arisen from them.
  4. Craft: Regarding this aspect, the Aridoamericanos were very good weavers, so many baskets made with willow shoots were observed. Likewise, they carved stones and wood to build bows and arrows. Also, this varied culture left samples of cave paintings that capture carved images of animals and people, which we could not fail to name in the 10 characteristics of Aridoamerica.
  5. Cultural subregions: In view of the large number of cultures or groups, Aridoamerica was divided into two large cultural subregions designated as "Sierra de Tamaulipas" and "Desierto de Chihuahua". Consequently, within the Sierra de Tamaulipas the groups that were in the Mexican northeast were located, inhabiting the Cañón del Diablo and the caves of Los Nogales, Diablo and de la Perra. While in the Chihuahuan desert, it was located those that were within the territory of the North American desert, thus extending from the valleys of the Rio Grande in New Mexico, to Nuevo León.

  6. Territory: The plains were the place of life of the Aridoamericanos, which had a significant influence on their lifestyle, since it is due to this that they lived in caves, learned to work the land and made weapons and worked with stone.
  7. Flora and fauna: Of the flora, the most important benefits were obtained from cacti, agaves, and bushes, which, in addition to allowing them to store water due to the dryness of the land and the aridity of the soil, also served them to carry out commercial exchange. While of the Fauna, it was very varied, which allowed them to hunt their food, preferring deer, sheep and some reptiles.
  8. Political organization: Despite being very independent, the Aridoamericanos had soldiers who fulfilled the role of leaders, as well as some high-ranking religious who were highly respected.
  9. Music: It is said that the Aridoamericanos adored music, therefore they carried out ceremonies with dances, improvised songs and wind instruments made by them.
  10. Coexistence: This is an aspect that transcended their identity, because due to their unstable way of life caused by being nomads, they did not establish relationships with other groups and were branded as "barbarians" and cruel, giving them the name "Chichimecas".

Anyway, you're 10 characteristics of Aridoamerica, demonstrated a piece of what was a civilization that was divided due to its instability, which prevented it from consolidating itself as a great empire, making way for diverse cultures within the same territory.

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