10 features of the MOTOROLA ONE

This time we bring you the 10 features Motorola One, a new generation of smartphones with its own style, which offers benefits that make them adapt to the needs of users, providing quality, versatility and speed.

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The 10 most important features of the Motorola ONE

  1. Variety: This line of Motorola One phones offers you 6 different models that are: Motorola One Fusion, Motorola One Fusion+, Motorola One Hyper, Motorola One Macro, Motorola One Zoom and the Motorola Action. Each of them offers you a palette of metallic colors where white, blue, pink, black, brown, purple and others are found; In addition to its modern shape, ideal size and avant-garde design, which make the Motorola One family, a mobile product line with a style that will make you look and feel different.
  2. Design: The Motorola One They have dimensions that facilitate their use and transfer, their length or height varies depending on the model from 158.7mm to 169.96mm; while its width goes from 65.85mm to 76.9mm. Therefore, you can choose the model that best suits you and provides greater comfort when holding it in your hands.
  3. Screen: The Fusion and Fusion + models have 6.5'' screens, the Hyper model has a 6.5" Full HD screen, the Macro model has a 6.2" Max vision (19.9) HD+ screen, the Zoom has a 6.4" HD+ screen and the Action Model's screen is 6.3" Ultra HD 4k, with similar proportions. Sharp images that stand out on the screen, especially those that have Full HD, HD + and Ultra HD, the best, the best of the One family. They also have a fingerprint reader, proximity sensor, ambient light, accelerometer and gyroscope.
  4. Weight: The weight of the One mobiles ranges from 181g. and 210g.; so taking them with you will not be a problem.
  5. Memory: The Fusion, Fusion+ Hyper, Zoom and Action models have 128GB memory and 4GB RAM; while the Macro model has a 64GB memory and a 4GB RAM memory, which allows you ample storage preventing your mobile from getting slow and heavy when downloading files.

  6. Processor: For the most part, the Motorola One phones They have Snapdragon 675/710 processors, except the Macro models that have a Helio P70 processor and the Zoom model that has an Excynos 9609 processor. These processors allow the user to take high-quality moving photography, play games without connection problems or delays in loads.
  7. Camera: The Fusion model has an integrated 8 MP front camera and a 48 MP rear camera; the Fusion+ has a 16MP front camera and a 64MP rear camera; The Hyper has a 32MP front camera and a 64MP rear camera, the Macro model has an 8MP front camera and a 13MP side camera. Likewise, the Zoom model has a 25MP front camera and a 48MP side camera and finally, the Action model has a 16MP front camera and a 12MP rear camera. Some models feature additional pixels in Depth, Wide Angle, Macro Vision, Action Cam, 3x Optical Zoom with OIS, Quad Skin with OIS, Ultra Wide and Tof sensors to create photos with high-quality images, greater range and width of your images.
  8. Battery: The One phones They have batteries ranging from 3500 mAh to 5000 mAh, guaranteeing a longer duration of use, since it can last up to 2 days without charging.
  9. Connectivity: The Motorola One fusion and fusion+, allow 3G and 4G signal for better data connectivity, in addition to Bluetooth V5.0, GPS locators, AGPS and Nano SIM input + Micro SD Card; While the One Hyper, in addition to these properties, also accepts 2G band and has Wi-Fi. The One Macro has the same connectivity as the One Hyper, the only difference is that its Bluetooth is V4.2; Likewise, the One Zoom and the Action have 2G, 3G and 4G bands, Bluetooth V5.0, GPS and AGPS locators, Nano Sim and Micro SD.
  10. Equipment and accessories: All the Motorola One telephone equipmentThey come with a USB cable, the SIM card or memory removal tool, the user guide that also includes the legal conditions of use, a protective case for the mobile device and the phone with its battery included.

We hope that through these 10 features Motorola One that we have offered you, you decide to join the thousands of users that today are part of this new family of mobiles and as they obtain greater satisfaction.

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