10 characteristics of cloud computing

The easiest way to access your digitized information remotely is to keep it safe in the famous "cloud", which is a computing method that through a network system allows users to have a complete computer service. and varied: storage, communication, etc. These are the characteristics of cloud computing or cloud computing:

Cloud computing features

  1. It is an automated and instant service: Cloud computing users do not need to contact any company that provides this service, but rather everything is accessible on the same network, where you can automatically access the cloud and start using each of its services.
  2. It is an easily accessible service: Anyone with a basic notion of networks and the internet, you may have the ability to access cloud computing, so it is then a simple service with knee-jerk access.
  3. It presents a wide variety of service options: Cloud computing, contrary to what most people think, is not only a storage service, although this is its main feature or benefit, but you can also count on communication services, content, finance, telemedia, databases, computing, networks, etc. In addition, it is a world order service, available anywhere in the world with network access, mainly internet.
  4. It is extremely safe: It is a very simple, but at the same time safe, way of safeguard information or to access other forms of service, so that everything that is protected, investigated or requested through the cloud, depending on the security limitations that you have configured, It cannot be viewed or verified by other people., unless you have allowed it.
  5. Does not saturate easily: There are various categories of cloud computing, and depending on said categorization, you have more or less storage space, or more or less services available, however, in general terms, it is an instrument with great capacity, which hardly presents saturation problems.

  6. It is a low cost service: Cloud computing services are available immediately and at extremely affordable costs for the general public, and with excellent value for money, you can even find excellent free options, well known and accessible, only having to pay for the service provided by the internet or the network.
  7. Promotes freedom of light movement without specific dependency: In other words, people have complete freedom to move from one place to another without having to carry the information with them, but wherever they are, with access to the network and the cloud, and from any non-specific device, they can access to the information or service requested. It is a very comfortable way to always have at hand all the information/files you require.
  8. It is at the forefront of technological development: As society expands, they do so with it: knowledge and technology, and nothing better than uniting them in a single element: the cloud, where you can safely protect every aspect and necessary information, to the rhythm of modern times, where it is enough to have a Smartphone or a Tablet to, from there, control the world.
  9. Ensures optimal resolution of various conflicts: From personal solutions or individual that you can apply at work, study or on a day-to-day basis in your daily life, up to enterprise Solutions maximum efficiency; that is achieved with cloud computing services. Hence, it is considered a technological tool that is characterized by being extremely useful, since it you can access the information remotely, control various academic or business instruments, verify status of various interests, etc.
  10. Backup all your information: And of course, the most relevant characteristic of cloud computing lies in the possibility of access your protected information from anywhere in the world, and even to support it from time to time to avoid setbacks, losses, etc.

Being on the cutting edge of technology and knowing the features of cloud computing is definitely an acquired advantage that will serve you well in different aspects of your life.

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