10 "key" characteristics of ABUSERS

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Violence, abuse and mistreatment in a couple or family is an issue of worldwide concern.. Men can be abused by women, but the victims are predominantly women. Listed below are the 10 predominant characteristics of an abuser.

characteristics of an abuser

Characteristics of an abuser

  1. Narcissistic: The whole world revolves around him. As the "little woman below him," it's her job to satisfy his every need. He is the teacher; You are the unworthy slave. It's uplifting for him to know that everyone around him is "walking on eggshells."
  2. Inconsistent. Mood swings are a common trait for an abuser. One moment she seems happy and sweet, the next she's pounding her fist.
  3. Charming: Initially, he showers his woman with praise, adoration, and attention. Their courtship is sweet and intense, full of phrases like "I can't live without you." Quickly strives for an exclusive relationship or commitment.
  4. Jealous: He sees other men as a threat to the relationship and accuses you of flirting with everyone from his brother to the postman. "I know you're looking at it." The irony is that he is often the one cheating.
  5. Critical: No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to satisfy this type of man. He doesn't think about demeaning and verbally assaulting you. “You are a stupid, fat, disgusting bum. You can never leave me. No other man would have you.

  6. Disconnected: Your main objective is to isolate your victim from family and friends so that you are totally dependent on him. “Your family causes us too much trouble. I don't want you to see them anymore.
  7. Totally sorry: He will swear never to "hit you again". But unless you receive professional help and strong responsibility, it is highly unlikely that you will change.
  8. Manipulative: This man is very smart. He knows how to spot your weak spots, and uses your vulnerability and past pain to his advantage. "You were abused as a child because you are so ugly"
  9. Control: He wants to know where you are going and who you are with at all times. You can check the mileage on your car or follow it to the grocery store. He often refuses to let you work because you might "meet someone."
  10. A victim: Your bad choices are everyone else's fault. When you lose your job, get into a fight, or a business deal falls through, it's always because of the other person. He is never to blame. "You make me hit you."

A significant number of abusers harm children and animals, as well as a partner. Inflicting pain and intimidating others is what gives him power. I'll kill you before I let you go. If I can't have you, no one will.

If this article has helped you realize that you or a loved one is in an abusive relationship, get help, go to a church, a family member or friend's house, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline, or search a safe house in your community. they can help

If you are a church leader, understand that it is not uncommon for an abuser to deceive and manipulate people in the church and those around the victim. Although Christians are called to be kind and kind, this does not mean that we should ignore sinful behavior. An abuser often knows exactly what to say and what to do to get the church "on their side."

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