10 characteristics of EXHIBITOR TEXTS

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Expository texts are those documents or writings that try to educate, inform and enrich readers' knowledge about the phenomena that occur.

Its main objective lies in the information transmission useful for daily life or simply for the execution of ideas and structured supports.

All the execution of the expository texts yields explanations and details on a specific topic for the investigation of a study area. This type of text can be any kind such as social sciences, geography, mathematics, Spanish, chemistry, physics or nature studies.

The only requirement for the structuring of an expository text is that the data embodied in the writing can provide answers to a phenomenon.

What are the 10 characteristics of expository texts?

Like all documents, each one has its structure but with different characteristics, in the case of expository texts they are:

  1. Its usefulness is clearly informative, so it is normal to see them in books of education or understanding of some scientific topics.
  2. Its structure is made up of declarative sentences that help in understanding in detail all the premises that compose it.
  3. Almost always goal is specific, that is to say that the treatment is only for a subject and its derivatives whose purpose is the understanding of all the objectives.
  4. Being only to inform, the language is much more advanced and technical a very noticeable difference with other more colloquial articles.
  5. Knowledge is transmitted objectively to provide greater understanding of points and demonstrations.

  6. Logical approaches are given more orderly and coherent when reading some in an educational text.
  7. It offers specific data and based on relevant research, clear examples such as medical studies with the name of diseases and treatments.
  8. There is a complete hierarchy around its language and importance for the investigations, because it will start with an important topic until it reaches the less relevant ones.
  9. The conformation of the information has a introduction, middle, denouement and ending so that readers do not lose interest in reading.
  10. The points to be developed must always be written, always ensuring the answer to questions such as what it is, how it is used, what is its impact, among other things.

According to Fundéu, what is an expository text?

According to Fundéu, expository texts are paragraphs or sections Dedicated to reaching a set of agreements and premises on a subject or situation.

The Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) does not admit some terms such as "expose" or "expository", it is also known that it works as an adjective. Its formation is very different from the views with other informative writings, since it is much more formal and detailed.

Types of expository texts

Like all writing techniques, each has its own nature. In the case of expository texts, they can be in two ways:

Explanatory informative texts

The informative explanatory texts fulfill the purpose of report in detail on prior knowledge on a particular topic.

It is also used for those themes that have a great impact on today's societies.

These topics can be of a journalistic nature, brochures, educational texts, specialized magazines, among other ways. Its main objective is the development of ideas so that they can be digested by the audience.

specialized expository texts

As their name indicates, they are those who try to explain one specific topic. Simpler online: seek understanding on a specific topic.

A clear example is the specialized articles on breast cancer that try to answer certain premises such as treatment, prevention and other patterns.

The structure will only talk about breast cancer and its aggressive effects on the human body.

The treatment of the topics will always be linked to the scientific and study details, but around the health issue that affects more than a third of the world's women. It is found more regularly in specialized portals, university books, specialized science magazines and other platforms that seek the development of an area.

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