10 characteristics of Humanism

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Humanism is a philosophical and cultural current that highlights the value and dignity of the human being. It arose in fifteenth-century Renaissance Europe as a response to medieval theocentrism and focused on the human being as the center of the universe and as the protagonist of his own existence. Humanism seeks the full realization of the individual and his freedom of thought and action.

Humanism is interested in knowledge of the arts, sciences, and classical culture, as well as the study of human nature and its role in the world. Similarly, it highlights respect for diversity and tolerance, promoting equality between people and peaceful coexistence. It is a current that highlights the importance of education, reason and dialogue as tools for human development and the construction of a more just and equitable society.


In summary, humanism is a philosophical current that considers the human being as the center of the universe and seeks the full realization of the individual. It values ​​diversity and tolerance, promoting equality and peaceful coexistence. In addition, it highlights the importance of education, reason and dialogue for human development and the construction of a more just and equitable society. Humanism is a current that is still present today and has influenced various fields, such as politics, culture and the economy, promoting a more humane and supportive approach.

List of the 10 most important characteristics of humanism

  1. Centrality of the human being: Humanism maintains that the human being is the center of the universe and that his development and well-being are the priority.
  2. Freedom: Humanism defends individual freedom and the right to make their own decisions based on reason and ethics.
  3. Rationalism: Humanism relies on reason and scientific evidence to understand the world and make important decisions.
  4. Tolerance and respect for diversity: Humanism not only accepts but celebrates the diversity of people in terms of gender, race, religion, etc.
  5. Ethics and justice: Humanism promotes ethical responsibility and social justice, equality and human rights for all.

  6. Concern for the environment: Humanism recognizes the importance of preserving and protecting the natural environment for present and future generations.
  7. Appreciation of arts and culture: Humanism values ​​creativity and artistic expression, recognizing its importance for personal and social development.
  8. Pursuit of happiness: Humanism defends the right to the pursuit of happiness, understood as a global well-being that includes not only the material aspect but also the emotional and spiritual.
  9. Education: Humanism promotes education as a tool for human development and the construction of a more just and free society.
  10. Technological development: Humanism recognizes the value of science and technology for human well-being, but always within an ethical and responsible framework.

Final comments about humanism

In conclusion, humanism is a philosophical current that focuses on the importance of the human being and on the search for individual self-discovery and self-realization. Throughout history, humanism has been a driving force in education, society, and culture, emphasizing the development of reason, freedom, and equality over dogmatism and exclusion.

In this sense, humanism has been fundamental for the creation of a humanistic culture, where the person is seen as a subject and agent of their own life, and emotional health, creativity, and social well-being are promoted. Likewise, humanism has evolved and has adapted to the new needs and challenges of society, giving rise to various currents and movements in different fields, such as secular humanism, feminism and environmentalism, where the defense of human rights, dignity and diversity are fundamental. In short, humanism is a philosophy that is still relevant today, as it is a call to reflect on our human condition and the need to build a more just and humanitarian society.

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