10 characteristics of modern art

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He modern Art It is made up of painters and artists who at the time expressed what they perceived from an unusual perspective, but striking and significant, which made it unique. It is modern while the generation of that artist, who understands his vision, remains alive, because for others it will be just another art.

Modern art is called artistic works that originated during 1870 and 1970, a period in which they were made. significant advances in technology, just like photography, but the advancement in art was at a higher level, which has lasted for a long time.

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  1. Its origin is western and it arose in Europe during the First World War.; the artists fled the war, arriving in the United States; these artists showed that the deformation of objects was deliberate and expressed a pure, clean, irrational art, but accepted as a new way of making art.
  2. The perception of art in modern artists changed, stopped making line drawings and transformed art with the assembly from different angles, causing the vision to perceive the depth of the drawing on a flat surface, as if it could be felt.
  3. The expression of the color that was now applied in the strokes, gave life, and reflected the emotional state of the artists and how they perceived what they captured on the canvas, giving meaning to the work and expressing spontaneity. On the other hand, it was not necessary to use the colors determined for an object, rather it could be created with a new color, and even with a mixture of several, that would highlight its beauty from another perspective.
  4. Innovative and unusual techniques were implementedhow to paint the Photography, which at that time was already a technological breakthrough, down to the smallest detail. He 3d art was another technique that left the canvas aside to create a drawing with length, altitude and depth. Another technique was painting with body fluids used very little, and paint with water, that is, they chose a wall and removed the dirt, giving shape to an incredible drawing.
  5. The arts ceased to be the imitation of something physical and they became abstract, images without comparison, so that each person could give their own meaning to the painting. It could be said that these works were independent in shape, color, line and even in their own language. Leaving common, run-of-the-mill art behind, he creates a pure and unique art that is still highly recognized today.

  6. It reproduced quickly by artist who wanted to try new innovative techniques and materials, which gave a unique and distinctive uniqueness to that artist. Therefore, modern art does not have a general technique, neither a specific theme, nor a specific technique that characterizes it, but a set of ideas embodied in incomparable forms with different visions, but with a unique meaning for each artist.
  7. It was so original that imagination, humor and a spiritual level were needed. to understand and appreciate. It was no longer the imitation of physical things that were within reach, but rather the imagination and perception of the artist whose work he made. For this reason, whoever understood the work appreciated the artist's work, because he identified with the feelings and imagination of the creator of that work.
  8. It is opposed to academic art and leaves behind particular methods and certain compositions. With modern art, the artist expressed on canvas what he felt and not what he visualized. Not for this reason did he leave his surroundings behind, rather in a special sense he expressed the forms with a new vision and took into account the different cultures as inspiration to create new representations.
  9. Modern art left politics and religion behind, he changes his message and concentrates more on the painting being of value in itself, without a specific field characterizing it; a selfless art that just wants to be expressive and free. Although this caused that for a while they had the rejection of some people.
  10. The modernist tendency of art was inclined to paintings with sensual tones, feminine and delicate curves filled the canvases to please the senses of the viewers. Some paintings became somewhat erotic, although paintings with dressed women where the lines of their hair or dresses stood out and were the central touch of the painting were also made.

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