10 features of WINDOWS 7

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When the Windows 7 operating system was released, it shared many features and functions with its predecessor, Windows Vista. It also improved Vista in several areas. Some of the changes were cosmetic, like the new Windows button, but most of the new features, like improvements to the taskbar, were designed to make the user more productive.

As of January 2020, Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7. We recommend upgrading to Windows 10 to continue receiving security updates and support.

Windows 7 Feature Highlights

  1. Library improvements: you can group location folders all over your hard drive into Libraries designed to provide one-click access from the left pane of Windows Explorer to related files.
  2. Reasonable hardware requirements: Historically, new versions of Windows have been characterized by requiring twice the CPU and RAM power of their predecessors. But Windows 7 runs a bit better than Vista on the same system; it's even tolerable on a netbook.
  3. The power of touch: Windows 7's support for multitouch input doesn't change anything overnight, but it does lay the foundation for third-party developers to create their own software. If it builds noteworthy touch apps Windows 7 deserves some credit.
  4. A much improved Windows Media Player: Love Apple's iTunes Store but hate iTunes? New file format support allows Windows Media Player 12 to play unprotected audio and video from Apple's online store.
  5. Alerts via Action Center- The Windows 7 version of the Security Center, unlike Windows Vista, queues up system messages so you can respond to them on your schedule, not when Windows feels like interrupting you.

  6. A system tray that can be customized- New controls prevent your system tray from overflowing with unwanted apps and distracting you with useless and irrelevant messages.
  7. The taskbar is much better: Windows 7's version of the taskbar is less cluttered than Vista's, handling both running and non-running apps in the background
  8. Quicker and faster taskbar previews: now show you all open windows of an application or all at once from the taskbar.
  9. The convenience of Jump Lists- These context-sensitive taskbar menus let you start doing things in apps before you even open them.
  10. Aero Shake: When you use Aero Shake to click and shake an open window, all other windows on the desktop are minimized.

Windows 7 from Microsoft released in 2007 and was preceded by Windows Vista. Windows Vista was deprecated by numerous customers as a result of poor execution and long lead time. In 2008 Windows 7 would be the official name of the operating system due to the features of Windows 7. The overall performance of this operating system increased like shutdown, file loading, data transfer and in many aspects performance.

Windows 7 is available in different versions, for example, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate. Each version of the Windows 7 operating system contains specific features such as Encrypting File System, Bit Locker drive encryption. These are the limited features of Windows 7 operating system (Top 10 Top Features of Windows 7 Operating System). Here are the professional features of Windows 7. Windows 7 has introduced the new taskbar, "Aero" window management and libraries. However, these properties include Windows 7 features. Windows 7 has a native TFTP client with the ability to transfer files to or from a TFTP server like Windows 10. Windows 10 has advanced features instead of Windows 7.

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